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Does anyone else get bored with the amount of grinding in Muspelheim and Nifilheim?

God of War 9 - Does anyone else get bored with the amount of grinding in Muspelheim and Nifilheim?

In my honest opinion, this is part of the game that really drags it down. Especially if you’re like me and you’re playing on GMGOW, so you actually need to play those levels to fully upgrade your gear (which means you’ll have to go through them quite a few times, and that’s not counting if you lose).

Don’t get me wrong, at first they’re both fine. Even though I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t like an actual fully explorable level with its own distinct enemies, it’s own narrative side quest and boss. But I realize that would be a tremendous amount of work for the devs, so I won’t knock it for that.

So yea, at first it’s fine, you play through these challenges and get cool loot, you fight a Valkyrie at the end, cool. But then to fully upgrade that loot, you have to go through those same challenges again, and again, and again and again etc etc etc. It just REALLY starts to drag the game down a bit. And it’s just so jarring because the rest of the game you’re doing different activities, the whole world is so rich with story and narrative, and then like 75% into the game, the game STOMPS on the breaks as hard as it can, to make you go grind out some levels for 10-15 hours if you want to be properly fully maxed out by the end of the game. Honestly, it feels kind of like…. yea I’ll say it… it feels like artificial padding. Which is weird because even without both Muspelheim and Nifilheim, you’ll still take at least 40-50 hours to 100% everything else in the game.


Another negative aspect about these levels is that they really highlight the lack of enemy variety in the game. Like without Muspel and Nifilheim, I think the enemy variety in the game is fine. It’s not amazing like Dark Souls but it’s fine, all the enemies are cool enough and they suit their purpose for the narrative of the world. But then you do these levels and you constantly have to fight those same enemies over and over, and it just highlights that fact more. I think these levels would have been INFINITELY more enjoyable if they had their own distinct types of enemies and monsters. They could have even kept the grinding aspects to them, but just give us different enemies at least.

Like I said, the levels are fine at first and their fine if you do them every once in awhile, but when you get towards the end and you have to upgrade your gear to max the best gear out, you’re gonna have to put some serious time in grinding those levels, especially on GMGOW difficulty.

PS: why is Nifilheim a “poison” realm when Nifilhem is supposed to be the realm of ice? Nifilheim and Muspelheim were the 2 realms that ignited the start of the universe when the heat from Muspel and the Ice from Nifilheim met inside the Ginnungungap. The fire and ice from both realms clashed and formed Ymer and Audbumbla. Through them all creation and species were made. So it’s weird how Nifilheim is a poison level.

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