God of War

Does it get better?

God of War 7 - Does it get better?

So far really loving the story, the writing, and environments, but I'm having some issues with gameplay that are making it hard to continue. Are the same draugr in different color schemes the bread and butter enemies throughout the game? Do your hits ever stun (it seems odd to me that a god is being stun interrupted by enemies while lvl 1 enemies are not stunned) enemies when upgraded? Are there any NPC towns or areas which give extra color to the seemingly desolate world? Does enemy variety increase, or is it mostly mobs of similar foes dependent on area? Most importantly, does combat get less spongey?

I'm not arguing for these things as a back seat developer, just wondering if things change later on.

So far I'm feeling pretty bored even having played on hardest difficulty and mild. I'm past the first 10 or so bosses and haven't really had to fundamentally change anything up the way I'm used to, just given myself a mild case of arthritis slogging away using the same tactics.


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