God of War

*END OF GAME SPOILERS* Freya importance in sequel

God of War 3 - *END OF GAME SPOILERS* Freya importance in sequel

Okay, so I just went back and beat the game on New Game Plus, and i noticed a couple important things about Freya for the future.

  1. Mimir tells a story about a giant that built a great wall in Asgard for Odin, in exchange for simply meeting Freya. The giant then whispered something in her ear then left. Of course he was killed by Thor before he managed to leave Asgard, but i'm sure this means that when the time comes for us to go to Asgard, we'll need whatever information the giant told Freya.

  2. Freya, during her time as Odin's wife, apparently was the Queen of the Valkyries. Since Freya herself cannot cause harm to another being (because of Odin), and she did vow vengeance on Kratos, if she plans on doing it, this might come into play (i don't think they'd rehash the Valkyrie fights, but you never know)

  3. Another thing i found interesting was, Valhalla is a part of Asgard, and Mimir says that Gods supposedly find their own way to Valhalla after death. If this is true, Balder is there, so i could see a scenario where Freya only gives Kratos the secrets to Asgard's defenses if he retrieves her son from Valhalla (i know this one is reeeaaaally far fetched, but let's not forget God of War 2, where Kratos dies, and then fights his way out of Hell to change the fate of him dying. So it's not impossible, just improbable.

A couple side notes about Atreus(Loki). Anyone who listened to all of Mimir's stories should be well aware of the fact that Odin is both obsessed and terrified of the giants and of Jotunheim, and that he's also obsessed with prophecies. When you finally get to Jotunheim, you get a Lore maker called "The Guardian Returns" –

 "We foresee Midgar's fate - overrun, a second Hel. Neither Odin nor his dead may reach Jotunheim. The ways must be shut. The serpent and the guardian remained. They alone shall keep our hope. When doom befalls the indestructible, only then shall the guardian return. Until then, we await a better world - one without fear, without greed, without war. We wait for deliverance, and justice. We wait for a champion. We will wait for word that gods grow good." 

So the giants predicted that Midgar would be overrun with hel walkers, and it sounds like it is an attempt by Odin to attack Jotunheim. His thinking probably being that if he can't send his troops to that realm, then he'd make the dead overrun the realms till they can get there. A key part is the "when doom befalls the indestructible". This has to be in reference to Balder who was indestructible (until we killed him lol) So i believe that the "champion" they are waiting for is Atreus(Loki). I believe that Odin found a prophecy that says, come Ragnork, Odin will lose his life at the hands of a Champion of the Jotnar. Because of this, he seeks to completely annihilate the giants, thinking no more giants, no giant champion.

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Now, whether or not Ragnork happens in the sequl or not, personally i doubt it. I think they're going for a trilogy, with Thor being the final boss of the second game (God of War 5) and Odin being final boss of the third game (God of War 6). They could have the second one end with winter ending, signaling the start of Ragnork. (Either way, i hope the day comes where get to wield the Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, and Mjolnir. That would be the best lineup of weapons since the 4 weapons we got to use in God of War 3)

Obviously, a lot of this is me simply speculating, but i tried my best to back it up with evidence from the game. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions!

PS: read an article where the creator said he didn't set the story up for a dlc, he set it up for a sequel. I really liked that, cause i think a dlc would throw off the story telling part of the game.

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