God of War

End of the Road. What a Game!

God of War 1 - End of the Road. What a Game!


This has been an amazing journey, the story, the gameplay, the details. This game is one of my first in PS4 and I know it is already one of my favorite games. one major point in my playthrough was when Kratos needed to go to Helheim to cure Atreus, and he needed another weapon. I was so settled and fine with the Axe (the Axe is amazing) that I truly didn't expect the Blade of Chaos!! I mean, I knew something was happening since I already got all the moves at that point and the game didn't look like it was in the end. But it certainly was a great surprise as well as a great weapon. I love the Blades of Chaos o/ they're awesome in this game. The axe too is sick. The combat gameplay overall is great!!

Now, I'm putting spoilers on the post also because I want to discuss a bit some events of the game. The plot twist in the end where we find out that Faye was a giant and that Atreus is called Loki by the Giants got me unprepared and it makes sense, much more sense on why Baldur or the others were after them, so this makes sense… For the most part, so let me try to figure it out.

So this is presumably to tell that Atreus is Loki so Odin wants to find him because somehow he knows Faye is Loki's mother and he is the one who starts Ragnarok. But Jörmungandr (World Serpent) in Norse mythology is actually Loki's son, but he's there in the game while Atreus is a kid. But, Mimir once told that Ragnarok may already have happened and Thor and the Jörmungandr have already fought but somehow the serpent went back in time, and that would explain why it's there with Loki still as a kid. Is this making sense or it's a mad trip on my part?


Also, Faye told them to spread her ashes on Jötunheimr (Realm of Giants), but was it only for them to find out about her true nature and the protect of Atreus, or maybe it was for other reasons? I always questioned why the marked trees, or why there specifically. Being her birth place makes more sense, but I wonder if there more into it. What's your thoughts?

Back to the gameplay, I think the last boss could've been better, I mean, something different. Baldur fight is one of the best in the game, both of them, but I was expecting something more like Freya or Thor. And I expected his death to be a little more than just a snap of the neck, but the game is still great o/. His first fight as The Stranger is fantastic and the Valkyries are great, but there are still some to defeat, and I'm looking forward to defeating them all =>

The exploring aspect is awesome and the semi open world worked perfectly for me, I loved this style, so I hope the next one keep things like this o/

Also other screenshots I made =>


This have been an amazing journey and also a great start in my PS4 world, thank you devs for such an amazing experience. Thank you very much o/ also thank you for reading this, give your thoughts and your experience in the comments as well o/

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