God of War

Faye and Kratos

God of War 1 - Faye and Kratos

At the end of the game we learn a number of things from both Jotunheim and the return to Midgard.

  • Faye had an argument with the giants before she left, in the mural it seems that they're pleading with her not to go trough with a plan.

-Faye did have a plan "If she had a plan for us, I trust it" – Atreus.

  • That plan includes Kratos and Atreus reaching Jotunheim

  • Something we've always known, the giants absolutely despise Odin and the rest of the gods.

  • Though they were eventually able to figure out his story, for the longest time Kratos was an outlier, and had no place in the future the giants had predicted.

  • Baldur's death would be the sign that Ragnarök is coming

  • Lastly and most importantly Ragnarök is happening earlier than foretold. Brok and Sindri mention this when you're returning to Midgard and is snowing.

After compiling all of these facts, the story fell into place for me. Faye's hatred for the gods and lust for vengeance has reached critical mass. She wanted them all dead, and she knew that Ragnarök would eventually do the job. But how many more would have to suffer while she waited for that to happen?

Then came Kratos, the outlier whose fate hadn't yet been set in stone by the giants. At that moment the plan became clear. She would use this man unbound by fate to father Loki/Atreus much earlier than destiny intended. Atreus and Kratos would cause Baldur's death and Ragnarök would kick off, centuries earlier than intended. The gods would meet their end. The giants tried to stop her as this would create a massive wrench into the prophesied future but she ignored them.


What this means is that when all is said and done Faye, the wife and mother that Kratos and Atreus spend the entire game complimenting and honoring (the only thing they can agree on is how loving she was and how much they loved her) was always on a quest for vengeance. She married Kratos in the name of vengeance. She gave birth to Atreus in the name of vengeance. She sent them on a dangerous quest in the name of vengeance. I'm sure she really did love them, but their life as a family exists solely so that Faye could kill the gods. And the most tragic part of all of this is that Kratos spends much of the game talking about how vengeance is a fool's errand and only bad things can come from it. And he knows better than anyone, as he himself went on a quest for vengeance against all gods of his home. The only time he takes the initiative to defend someone or act unselfishly towards someone who isn't Atreus is when he kills Baldur to save Freya and end Baldur's quest to take revenge on his mother. Faye led them to Jotunheim not just to see the prophecy, but so they could see first-hand the desolation that Odin caused and perhaps emphatize with her motives. Lust for revenge is something Kratos does not tolerate and no longer has any patience for. However, a lust for vengeance is the foundation his entire family was built on. His wife his son,his journey, all birthed from one woman who would do anything to achieve the goal that Kratos himself once had:to take vengeance on the gods. Faye used Kratos and Atreus to trigger Ragnarök early, thereby taking her revenge on the gods. This is tragic as it means Kratos was just a pawn in her schemes for revenge, especially since Kratos spends much of the game talking shit abou vengeance having learned from his past mistakes and takes it upon himself to kill Baldur to end his quest for needless revenge. This would give the moment between Kratos and Athena immense weight. Athena: "You will always be a monster" Kratos : "I know, but I am YOUR monster no longer. He thought he was escaping his past and being someone's monster but at the end of the day he unwittingly ended up becoming Faye's monster.

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