God of War

Faye and the Jotuns intentions? (and other mysteries)

God of War 7 - Faye and the Jotuns intentions? (and other mysteries)

So, I'm thinking a lot about the ending, with the wall and the prophesies and the reveals and all that.

One thing that bugs me… why did Faye throw Kratos and Atreus into all of this? Telling Kratos tu cut down the warding trees and sending them to scatter her ashes, think about it, had it not happened they would have continued to live peacefully. What did it accomplish? One thing: hasten Ragnarok. It seems to me it all was some sort of long vengance gambit against the aesir, from the mural at the end it's obvius the jotnar knew about Kratos, a foreign god who has before already slaughtered an entire pantheon, and it jus tlooks like this was their plan to use him against the Aesir.

I mean, everyone speaks of Faye as some sort of angel, but, if che cared so much for peace and her family, why throw them into all of this? why lie so much?

On top of that…. where they even supposed to go to jotunheim? everything the propphecy talks about could happen without the ashes quest (baldur would come for them simply for cutting down the trees, this alone would have forced them out of their home and possibly down a similiar path) and the last wall doesn't specifically refer to them scattering her ashes, or them reaching jotunheim… could it be she regretted sending them down this path and sought to tell them the truth in some convoluted way?


On top of that, the wall text featuring her pyre mentions "them becoming one as einherjar" it is mentioned more than once… and, well, unless they somehow changed this or misused it in the wall, enherjar are thos ewho died in battle and go to valhalla… so, this means the jotun left in jotunheim AND Faye die din battle… to who!? not an aesir sinc eif it had been Odin would not be so obsessed about finding either Faye or a gate to jotunheim… some other player? time shinanagans? each other? one panel shows the jotnar arguing with Faye, but never says about what… was it infighting that ended them?

Also the wall mentions some lie or betreyal in the panel featuring Kratos dead in Atrus' arms, so either they are betrayed, or they betray eachother (continuing the cycle, therefor the most likely in my eyes) or Atrus is tricked into thinking Kratos died and therefore used to further Ragnarok (something the jotnar would probably love)

And last but not least, the panel showing Tyr being stricken down by a paranoid Odin and Thor shows his figure lying down… in chains. Could he be imprisoned and still have a part to play?

Whatever the answers are and whatever happens, Kratos has in the past fought out of the underworld, in most if not all the games, and besides defeating death he has defeated fate by stabbing it so hard he time travelled… so prophesies or no there's a chance everything will change anyways… still, atleast we will see Kratos fight Thor (and maybe at some point they will bring atention to the fact that they are quite similar)

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