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God of War 8 - Faye theory

Okay, tin foil hat on

When you first enter the mountain there is a stag statue and it's inscription says that it's one of the four stags that watch the entrance to jotunheim while the Giants sleep.

When you get to jotunheim all of the gaints are sprawled unmoving across a great valley. I think that when you spread Faye's ashes it's going to wake them up, and I think this because when you spread her ashes there is this very noticeable yellow glowing effect coming from the ashes.


This would make sense from a gameplay perspective, as you can't re-enter jotunheim after you leave. There is of course the argument that it requires a focusing crystal to get there, but mimir has his eyes that serve the same purpose.

I think that this will fit into an even larger over arching narrative of Faye restoring her people through Kratos and Atreus. And I think that this one act of spreading Faye's ashes will come to be one of the most important pieces of the story continuing from this game.

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