God of War

Few thoughts after finishing the game (almost plat trophy, just some artifacts and odin ravens left to find)

God of War 2 - Few thoughts after finishing the game (almost plat trophy, just some artifacts and odin ravens left to find)

*Please note that I only played games and base my knowledge based on games itself. I know there are books, but game should (just like movies) be able to defend themselves and not rely on books, comics, fanfics, forum threads or anything outside of the media*

It is a good game. But not greatest God of War games. Or.. it is almost not a god of war game except of Kratos sometimes acting like Kratos.

The story is good until more or less when the kiddo and Kratos goes to Hel again. Let me explain. When the little dude hears the truth he becomes over-confident and acts like a real prick. I like this change. I thought the story is going to push this and gave it a darker turn where Kratos will have to go back to his roots to save the son from making same mistakes. A scene where he says i cannot change but it is not too late for you boy. However that never happens. Instead the boy just fails once and goes back to being nicer and better version of himself. I would expect a darker story from GoW. I mean, for f sake, in first part Kratos kills his entire family before he rebels. The kid just shoots one arrow and then get hit in a head and he is back to being good and obedient. It would felt better if kid went so overconfident that he at some point just stole the mother's ashes from Kratos and threw them away saying he doesn't care about little people problems (he at this point thought his mother is mortal). Things like this makes GoW what it is.

I felt like from this moment the story was just rushed and completely out of character for Kratos, who – yes few times in the past did care about kids (Pandora, his daughter) but never went full soft because of it. The whole moment where Artheus is talking about team work… and Kratos actually acknowledging this.. where in all the past games he always worked alone and the only team work was when he used heads/hands/other body parts of his enemies/innocents to progress. It is like the cringiest dialogue I've seen in this game.

I think his change was forced upon his character and there was not even close to enough story to support it. He went from a dad that is never there, as he is always hunting, and is very rough to a dad that is role model and supports team-building and being nice to people in spam of few hours of story. He went from tough spartan that only cares about the goal and killing gods, to person who despises vengeance in few dialogues. This turn reminds me of the turn that every single person on earth is making fun of – the Clegane from GOT telling Arya that vengeance is bad (the point here was that it was not build up correctly).


And the cringe when he is doing side quests and he says 'I only care about it because it gives me items' … I was waiting for at least one side-quest where he says simply 'NO' and refuses it despite of what you as a player want. It should be utilized at the beginning where he was still in some GoW character.

I don't like this new Kratos. He is now just basically Batman, or other cliche hero. I used to say that GoW brakes all the cliches about good protagonists and is all about pure feeling of power, vengeance and feeling of justice. It was story of a broken and mad soldier.

Now it is a story of an old fart that has a kid that is Merry Sue and can't do no wrong (at least nothing that has any long-term or bad consequences – he killed a god and even Kratos says – there will be consequences ….. and there are none :P). He shot his father, caused them to go to Hel, and… guess what, thanks to that our heroes now know about history between Freya and Baldur and the kid is cured of this overconfidence. So his actions, in the end, worked into their benefit – Kratos should thank his son for being so cocky! If they lost the ashes, kid lost a hand or eye or whatever, Mimir died, they would lost memory of Faye due to going so deep into Hel (like a curse of madness), Kratos lost his Axe/BoC or anything that would have long lasting bad consequences then it would be so much better.

Anyway, I know a lot of people loved the new story, but for me it just went too far into the fairy tale. I'm happy to discuss if you think different but please DO base your arguments around games. I shouldn't be forced to read 5 books, watch 2 movies and read 3 comic books to be able to enjoy story in game 😉

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