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Finally beat God of War (2018)!! My thoughts

God of War 9 - Finally beat God of War (2018)!! My thoughts

Man this game is glorious!! While I don't think I can give it the title of best story in the series since I think the story in the first game is also incredible, or maybe I'm just biased, it was also fantastic from start to finish.

It has most likely the most beautiful locales I've seen in a game, or it's definitely up there. I thought traversing the different realms (which are all incredibly gorgeous, however I think I prefer Midgard the most, I don't know why) added so much to the game, I specifically loved that Muspelheim and Niflheim were combat centric realms, Muspelheim being a callback to the challenges in previous God of War games and Niflheim being a reference to Bloodborne's Chalice dungeons. Solving puzzles, platforming seeing different locales, basically the adventure part was always a huge part of the series and I'm glad that this was not forgotten in this entry.

I thought the bosses were maybe a weak link, however, (brace yourselves for this unpopular opinion I think) I thought that Sigrun; the Queen of Valkyries was an incredible fight!! I loved it so, SO much. The different fights with the Valkyries are all awesome and all of them have similar moves with some differences (they also give you great rewards and pretty awesome loot😍), and Sigrun at the end combined all of their moves and had double the health bar!!!, which I think is ballsy by the developers and made for a super fun fight. The first time I fought her I only took off 2 or 3 health bars and thought that it was impossible. However I persevered and killed her after an hour straight of trying with my heart beating so quickly, it was definitely an incredibly memorable experience.


The gameplay also is fun, I also got used to the new combat system pretty quickly, the Executioner's Cleave was a move that I don't think I'll ever get tired of, it's almost right up there with the Stinger (Devil May Cry) and a tier below Izuna Drop (Ninja Gaiden) for me. Although the gameplay starts off pretty repetitively, at least on hard mode, with the enemies being damage sponges and where you don't have a lot of moves and you need a lot of experience to unlock them. Yeah at the start I thought the combat was awful. But after unlocking all the moves and learning how to use the BOY's moves properly the combat is way more fun now.

I think the Metroidvania style gameplay makes for my favorite style of discovering secrets and this was implemented so well in the game. Discovering the different secrets, lore stones, finding all the different chests was so much fun to do. The side activities, favors as they're called in here all had you exploring some amazing new locales and I always had fun doing them.

So yeah as a die hard fan of the entire series, I have now platinumed all the God of War games and am proud to say that the newest addition is a worthy addition to this amazing series. I loved the game!! Would love to hear your guys' opinion and to know where you think this game ranks for you in the franchise. I personally rank the entire original trilogy above this one game alone, but that's maybe unfair since I'm comparing 1 game to 3. Also should I try the Give Me God Of War Mode? I have completed every other game in the series in the highest difficulty, how would you say this ranks alongside them?

Edit: Maybe it's a shame that you only kill one god in this game, but that's exactly how it was in the first game of the original trilogy as well, so more killing gods in the next installments hopefully.

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