God of War

Finished the game and I have questions! (contains lots of Spoilers!)

God of War 3 - Finished the game and I have questions! (contains lots of Spoilers!)

I had never played a God of War game before but I just finished the 2018 one and rather enjoyed it! So I have many questions I was hoping more knowledgeable folks could answer for me here!

1) When Atreus gets sick and Kratos has to go back to the house, the skies look fiery and apocalyptic and ash is falling, and someone apparently summons Jormungandr too using the horn at the temple. What was that all about? Who summoned the World Serpent, and why? (that sequence on the boat back was one of my favourites in the game). Everything seems to go back to normal after Atreus recovers and it's never mentioned again.

2) What was Kratos' relationship with Athena (who also shows up on that boat trip)? Is she dead now?

3) Who or what was that huge humanoid bird thing looming over everything in Helheim? Was it possible to go over the bridge (or is that where we end up when we went back to Helheim again)?

4) Was Faye in any of the previous games? And why did all the giants die out in Jotunheim?


5) What was the last thing that (only) Kratos saw on the wall carvings in Jotunheim, that was covered by a drape? It seemed like rather ominous about the possible future but I couldn't really figure out what I was seeing there – it looked llke Kratos was on the floor propped up by Atreus and something tentacle-y was entering their mouths?

6) They've obviously tweaked the Norse myths a bit for the game, but are they really saying that Atreus is Loki in this version of the mythology (I mean Loki is half giant so that would kinda make sense…?)

7) I thought it was a bit weird that we could only go to Midgard, Alfheim, Jotunheim (eventually), Muspelheim, and Niflheim (and the latter two only have 'trials' in them?). Did they run out of time when designing the game, or were the other realms planned for some DLC that never happened or something? Or were they always never going to include the other ones?

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I'll probably think of more but those were the burning questions I had :).

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