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“Give me God of War” should be renamed to “give me bad game design”

God of War 5 - "Give me God of War" should be renamed to "give me bad game design"

At least when it comes to the early game. In order to truly feel if that setting is in fact broken, I went so far as the encounter with the Revenant, the two "Big" Draugrs and the Fire Draugr.

I use the word "broken" when it comes to videogames to indicate an aspect that it renders the game unplayable in some aspect or warps some aspect of it in a way that is unrecognizable, in a way that was not intended. "Give me God of War" is the second example.

With that setting, if you damage an enemy, he will try to "Ascend" when he get's some breathing room. You can cancel the powerup with heavy attacks or Atreus arrows. Balanced, right? My issue isn't with the attack/defense boost the enemy gets (even if at the early game some enemies can two or even one shot you if I'm not mistaken), but the fact that they don't freeze, trip or even stagger. The last one is the point where I consider the game broken.


At early game you are not given the tools to properly crowd control outside of those. By effectively disabling the few core mechanics that can salvage that (since it is pretty much impossible to hit and kill only one enemy per battle), the game devolves into a "hit-and-run and throw your axe around nonstop and leave your kid to face the monsters behind" mix that is unbearable to play. This setting removes plenty of fun and strategic components of the game and transforms it into a frustrating empty shell. Even parrying becomes lackluster since enemies recover so quickly and can't be comboed.

The fights slow to a crawl even if you succeed. What I did all morning I just did in about two/three hours in the Challenging difficulty. Which btw is pretty hard since enemies are more agressive and do more damage. But you also get the satisfaction of using all means of destruction available to you. It is hard AND fun.

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I still like the concept of Ascend, but it is bad implementation results in frustrating and lackluster gameplay, at least early in the game.

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