God of War

GMGOW+ 100% Complete (Spoilers)

God of War 6 - GMGOW+ 100% Complete (Spoilers)

After hours and hours of dying to Sigrun over two days, I finally beat her and closed the Niflheim realm tears so the "100% Complete" message popped up on GMGOW+. Every side mission, artifact, trophy, etc done. Now I'm just screwing around in Niflheim and Muspelheim to feel the power of Zeus armor and different runic attacks, and upgrade pommels and whatnot. I love this game and this sub helped me so much during my play throughs, so I can answer any questions that anyone has to the best of my ability.


Personally, I haven't even played any other game enough to beat it for the past few years (which is just witcher 3, fallout 4, and bloodborne), but I couldn't put this one down after picking it up on black Friday. I haven't even played the original ones, so I definitely have to do that. I'm so pumped for the next couple games, especially because of the story lines that have been set up in this one. The Thor scene was so hype, and the eventual battles with him and Freya are going to be awesome. One thing I haven't seen a lot of talk about that I'm interested in is the relationship between us, Freya, and the Valkyries. We freed them so they owe us, but their queen wants us dead, so we'll see who's side they take, if any. What do you guys think?

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