God of War

God of War 2018 Negative Review

God of War 7 - God of War 2018 Negative Review

So, at the risk of being ostracized by the gaming community, I thought I’d express an unpopular

opinion of mine.

After hearing all of the hype surrounding God of War 2018 and having a number of friends tell me

that I “Have to play this game!” I finally decided to load it up and give it a play through.

Upon staring it up, the scenery and graphics looked pretty amazing and I really thought I was in for

an experience that matched my high expectations… Unfortunately, that's where it ended for me.

I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of a difficult game for that rewarding feeling of accomplishment

when you finally manage to take down a foe through a dance of well-timed parrying, dodging and

attacking in that small window when your enemy is vulnerable.

God of War however, is difficult for all the wrong reasons!

After investing quite a few hours into the game, God of War felt as though it couldn't decide

whether it wanted to be From Software game or a Naughty Dog game and as a result, it failed at


The combat had potential to be outstanding with great mechanics such as the Leviathan axe throw

and recall… Even though the idea was unoriginal and blatantly stolen from Thor…

Unfortunately, the enemies are just absolute damage sponges, and this results in long, overly drawn

out combat which becomes boring and repetitive very quickly!

Even many of the boss fights, though they look impressive, are just plain, robotic and follow the

same pattern of attacks.

A boss fight should be exciting and an opportunity to execute the array of skills you have developed

throughout the game up to that point.

Unfortunately, The only thought I had when encountering a boss was “Fuck, here’s another enemy

with a shit ton of health…”

For these reasons, I actually found myself dreading each enemy encounter and the only satisfaction I

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found when clearing an area of enemies was the thought of "Thank fuck that's over", and that’s only because I was now slightly closer to finishing the game.

God of War gave me no incentive or desire to explore anywhere outside of the direct route I was

required to follow in order to progress in the main quest line.

Most of the crates I opened rarely contained anything of interest and in addition to this, most of the

time I was required to complete some kind of mundane puzzle in order to open said crates…

Next up, we have the upgrade system.

At first glance it looks overly complex and maybe even a touch overwhelming. In reality though, it’s

actually very simplistic and as a result, upgrading Kratos and Atreus is quite dull and uninspiring to

say the least.

Let's wrap this up by discussing the "story", or lack there of….

Let me summarize it for you…

Climb up a mountain to scatter the ashes of some dead chick who you (as a player) never got to see

and therefore form any kind of connection with during the game…

Throughout this incredible Journey, you will also be privy to some incredible dialogue between

Kratos and his Atreus (Kratos’s son).

Watch Kratos utilise his extensive vocabulary as he grunts convincingly at Atreus and refers to him as

“boy” rather than call him by his actual name…

Also, speaking of Atreus… I can honestly say that I don’t think I have ever hated a video game

character as much as I hate this disobedient, whiny little bitch!

Every cut scene where I was forced to stare at his fuck ugly face just irritated me to no end!

Maybe if the main plot line of the game was to burn this little cunt alive and throw his ashes off the

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edge of the mountain, rather than his dead mother, I would have enjoyed it more…

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