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God Of War 2018 Review (No Story-Related Spoilers)(Contains Gameplay-Related Spoilers)

God of War 6 - God Of War 2018 Review (No Story-Related Spoilers)(Contains Gameplay-Related Spoilers)

Narrative (10/10): The Narrative of God Of War is very well written. The story takes on a concept of father and son fulfilling the dying wish of their beloved wife/mother. The story starts off slow, but soon unravels the intriguing mystery hidden within this epic journey. The game not only focuses on the main story, but gives a great deal of inisght on the lore of Norse Mythos. In regards to lore, it's never forced upon you. There are several ways to discover the mythos surrounding the world. the approach to understanding lore is well integrated. While there are a few slow moments and moments of backtracking, the overall story is an absolute triumph; In which masterfully showcases the intriguing mythos of Norse Mythologuy

Character Development/Character Arc (10/10): There are many characters within the game; All of which are interesting and tied to the story in a meaningful way. The characters are well fleshed out. Kratos is one of the most complex/fascinating characters portrayed in gaming. Players will develop an emotional connection to these characters. Overall. the cast of characters is stunning, and these charcter arcs will compel the player to give an emotional attachment to every single one of them.

Gameplay(10/10): The gameplay within God Of War is absolutely epic and grand to be apart of. From appearance to animations, the enemy design is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, in gaming to date. Combat is complex and strategic, and makes the player use Kratos to his full potential. GOW's mastercrafted combat mechanics make the player feel as if they are a master-class spartan warrior. GOW's realistic and unforgiving combat makes for a tactical-strategic combat experience never before seen. From the throw of your axe, to the parry of your shield, the combat is consistent with fluidity. Overall, God Of War's gameplay has set a bar for others within the genre, respectively.

Challenge(10/10): GOW has four difficulty settings; from beginner level(which is focused on a story experience) to hardest difficulty(which is unforgiving). The latter is called "Give Me God Of War". I recommend challenge seekers to play on GMGOW; The game is at it's best when plyed at this difficulty. To the average gamer, i'd recommend playing on "Give Me A Balanced Experience". The game has a continous challenge regardless of difficulty; Which makes for a solid level design.


Genre (10/10): God Of War is an action-adventure game set in a fantasy world. GOW's brutal combat contains all elements of an action game. In conjunction with the combat, GOW's compelling story has all elements of an adventure game. With that being said, God Of War exceeds all expectations of the action/adventure genre, respectively; Which makes it the perfect action-adventure game.

Graphics(10/10): God Of War is arguably one of the best, if not the best, looking games of this generation. Elements such as character models, environment landscapes, weapons, armor, lighting, etc., are of exceptional quality. In regards to graphics, GOW doesnt shy away.

Sound Design(10/10): God Of War has amazing sound quality. the sound of dialogue is very realistic. The sound of weapons clashing are epic. GOW has a great selection of thematic soundtracks. Music is well-integrated in dialogue and gameplay. Overall. GOW's sound design is of stunning quality.

World Building(10/10): God Of War is filled with interesting-interactive locations that have their own lores and context you can find within these locations. The regions are absolutely lushfull and full of detail. Overall. the world is beautiful and creatively constructed.

Technical Standpoint(10/10): From a technical standpoint, GOW is near flawless. In my entire playthrough, I hadn't encounter one single bug. Performance is absolutely stunning with not any noticeable drop in FPS from beginning to end. The game is truely a technical achievement in this regard. God Of War is nothing short of a quality game.

Overall: 10/10 Absolute Masterpiece -("No Game Is Perfect", God Of War Is An Exception)

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