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God of War (2018) Theory – Atreus’s Fate

God of War 1 - God of War (2018) Theory - Atreus's Fate

So the game has been out for a while now but I've had this theory shortly after I finished the game. Did a quick google search and I was surprised that it didn't look like anyone has this theory so I'm gonna go ahead and post my thoughts since it blows my mind and I have to share.

I totally know what's going to happen in the 2nd or 3rd (probably 3rd) game of this series. There's going to be heavy spoilers so stop reading if you for some reason haven't beaten God of War(2018) yet. After Kratos kills Freya's son Baldur, she's totally pissed and says she will "rain down every agony, every violation upon you" to Kratos. Now Kratos has been through a lot of crap, but what's the absolute worst he's been through? Totally the death of his family. Freya is definitely gonna kill Atreus. Now let me explain cuz that doesn't seem right given that last hidden painting on the wall where it seems Atreus is destined to kill Kratos. I'm first going to explain that painting…

Do you remember when Atreus starts acting like a little sh*t and not listening to Kratos anymore. He was all calm and cool until he finds out he's a god and starts acting like a total jerk. When Kratos and Atreus meet up with the half dead Modi, Atreus looks at Kratos as if to ask should we kill this guy? Kratos says "No. He is beaten." Then Atreus is like "We're Gods, we can do whatever we want!" And then stabs Modi in the neck, killing him. And then Kratos is like "What the f*ck, kid?!"(not exact words). But then, when you go to Helheim, that scene is reenacted by shadows in front of them and Atreus sees himself kill Modi (the shadowy figures), and says "that wasn't me… I couldn't have done that." And we all thought as well as Kratos that Atreus was just in denial. Well that's wrong. He actually doesn't remember killing Modi at all. Truth is Atreus is crazy…


My theory is that Atreus has a multiple personality disorder. One personality is good, and the other is bat-sh*t crazy. We only saw the start of it in the first game. I think it's going to get worse. And it'll eventually lead to Atreus attempting to suck the life force (SOMEHOW) out of Kratos, just like in that last painting. Now, how is this all relevant to Freya killing Atreus? While thats going down, Kratos is not going to be able to move or do anything. That's when Freya will swoop in and kill Atreus. EXACTLY as Kratos did to Baldur when Freya was unable to move! Raining down the agony she promised! Let me explain further.

At the end of the game, we found out Atreus's real name is Loki. Loki is a norse god, and norse mythology states that Ragnarok will be the death of all the norse gods. That includes Loki! Now, any of you who know their Norse mythology will say there is one big problem. In the Norse Mythology, Heimdallr is the one to kill Loki. Was there any mention of Heimdallr in the game? No. Isn't he supposed to protect the bifrost? I didn't see him. I don't think Heimdallr exists in this game, at least not in the way we all think. You might be asking now, okay dhouse56789, how does this prove Freya kills Atreus just because Heimdallr happens to not be in the game. Well 'SHE' is. Go to the wikipedia page for Heimdallr and you'll find under the "Names and Entymology" section this:

"Heimdallr may be connected to Mardöll, one of Freyia's names."

Boom. Mind Blown.


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