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God Of War (2018) Theory, There are 2 Thor and one of them wants to help Kratos avoid ragnarok

God of War 5 - God Of War (2018) Theory, There are 2 Thor and one of them wants to help Kratos avoid ragnarok

Hey folks, I played god of war well on the day of the release and I have finish many times until today. But recently I convinced my girlfriend "Arya drottning" (who loves Greek / Nordic mythology) who had never been interested in God of war to played with me a little, she ended up enjoying the game and when we were talking about him she made a great theory, which I never saw him commenting here.

First of all I apologize for any mistake in English, my English is not very good and I am trying to make everything easy to understand here

As everyone knows (or not) in the original nordic mythology (disregarding the game) in ragnarok the world serpent Jormungand (daughter of Loki/Atreus) was destined to fight against Thor, and the duel would end their deaths. As we know, in the future the serpent fought against Thor, and the strength of the battle was so great that it was sent back into the past, a time when neither should have been born yet. And that's where Arya's theory begins. Mímir speaks several times during the game that in the future the fight resulted in the death of both Thor and Loki, but we know that what happened was that Jormungand was sent to the past due to the strength of Thor, and if this really is true, but Has Thor's strength been so great that he himself was sent back into the past?!!!!


This can lead to several possibilities for the continuation of the game. One of them also pointed out by my girlfriend, was that Thor appears at the end of the game when Kratos and Atreus return home, in fact it is not Thor from our timeline, but Thor from the Jormungand timeline, and not to seek revenge for the gods that kratos and dares killed, but rather to avoid ragnarok, because as he came from the future, he knows that Atreus will be the cause of him and thus may prevent the end of everything.

So why did he take so long to go find Kratos and Atreus? Simple, they were two almost anonymous people, Thor needed to wait for them to appear and be sure that Loki was the Atreus, and this was only clear to him in the fight against Baldur where Atreus speaks the Serpent language

So, what do you think of my girlfriend's theory? Do you think you have a chance of this happening in the future? Has anyone discussed this theory before?

Thank you for reading, you can use the theory for videos, posts and etc but thank you if you give the credits to who made it

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