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God of War 3: challenges if exile

God of War 4 - God of War 3: challenges if exile

III Remastered's challenge of exile takes the cake for being the most rage inducing unfun thing ive ever had the displeasure of attempting, thats right ATTEMPTING because im too bad at the game to do it right. first phase Triangle Triangle Triangle, Second phase L1+Triangle, then spam triangle triangle and then more triangle. Third phase Square Square triangle, then L1 with a little more Triangle. Then 4th phase Triangle Triangle But you know what sucks?

First phase, you gotta evenly distribute the combo, otherwise those hyper-armored a-holes are gonna knock you out of it. Bam messed up now you gotta restart Evenly distribute

Parry, but oh you broke up the crowd now you gotta restart Evenly distribute

Roll, but if you wait or press triangle too quick you risk doing an even longer less damaging animation, or you get hit. Try again

Well you did that, but did you get 10+ kills? No? Try again

Nemesis whip L1-Square Oh theyre not grouped up enough? try again Dogs grabbed you? better hope they group up, otherwise thats 5 seconds spent for only 1 kill.

Try again. Killed the dogs and the first guys L1 Square on minotaurs, do decent damage hope you get at least 2 in the air. Didnt get them in the air enough? try again Reposition? 1-2 of them do the charge attack you can parry which guess what? you gotta try again.

Minotaurs arent dead but have around 70-60% health Enemies blocking? better hope theres more than that guy to outbalance the lack of damage youre doing to that one guy, cause hes gonna attack right after.


Too many minotaurs charging, better not have to roll too much because that 30 second timers approaching fast havent killed at least 2-3 Try again.

Nemean cestus Triangle triangle Enemies arent grouped up enough Try again

Enemies stunlocked you with their infinite range spear bs Try again

Minotaurs are dead, but everyone else still has shields and are too far away from each other. Try again

enemies have their shields broken but theres one minotaur charging, parry

Enemies are now to spread out to kill fast enough Try again

2 shieldless enemies left, but one had slightly more health than the other and you blew that one accross the map, theres 3 seconds left. t r y a g a i n

1 enemy left, you kill him, but after it hit zero.

O To break controller

Listen, im not bad-mouthing the series, I love it, ive beaten all but Gow 2 on at least hard mode (dont have a ps3 so I cant get ascension) and ive beaten every challenge in each of them, even sigrun on ng+ on hard with the zeus armor(basically oneshot) But this challenge is basically just hoping the stars align to give you a good attempt, even then theres still so much to mess up. I just wanna know how you 100%'ers did it. How. Just How.

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