God of War

god of war 4 after the new game love wears off

God of War 5 - god of war 4 after the new game love wears off

i played and passed every god of game out on ps1-ps4, but the newest one kinda had me feeling like thats it? sprinkle her ashes and nada? i honestly expected a boss fight before or during that but nope, it was a let down. the game looks amazing but it just feels like it is lacking. hopefully the next game improves and touches up a bit more on his greek god heritage (you can't ignore it as it plays a key part in this one, they all know who he is). it plays great but sometimes the camera angle can handicap you in big fights. rinse in repeat with enemy fights, it could have touched more on the elf thing or even hellheim. the best parts for me were when he had those greek flashbacks and he brought out his blades of chaos. also the gore was missing in this one, god of war is known for brutality.

i am looking forward to god of war 5, maybe waiting for this exclusively for 8 years and one of the main reason i got a ps4 (MGS5 was a great but not a great MGS game) was part of the let down? i give it a 8 out 10, maybe a 8.5ish out of 10

this is also the first one where i don't have an itch to replay it after passing it.

what are your thoughts? comment and post but please post with context and substance in your comment, not just one worded comments or your typical reddit comments. if you are gonna down vote me, i don't care, if you disagree at least post a reason why you do so and be mature about it instead of down voting.


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