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god of war 5 theory (contains spoilers for god of war 4). Also, please make this top post :-(

God of War 1 - god of war 5 theory (contains spoilers for god of war 4). Also, please make this top post :-(

The game starts off with Atreus showing us jaw-dropping hunting skills, which impress Kratos. Atreus starts to feel a little too cold (Fimbulwinter) and it gets a little worrisome for Kratos. Kratos concludes that they must leave the Norse lands. Mimir and Atreus ask where, and Kratos responds with anywhere that is out of the effects of Ragnarok. The world suddenly starts thunder(ing)? Kratos and Atreus check out the Lake of Nine from the view of their house; It is Thor bashing the World Serpent's head in while it sleeps, killing it. Atreus (not knowing that Jormungandr has already died without a match), implies that they must help the poor snake, and Kratos says no. Atreus gets angry at Kratos, and tells him that he's too afraid to fight Thor, Kratos ignores him. A few moments later and Atreus is zapped into unconsciousness, and Thor flies into Kratos' path. They both beat the living shit out of each other, Kratos barely wins their encounter by knocking Thor unconscious with a punch, and proceeds to lift his Hammer in hopes of beating him to death. Thor's allies interrupt the fight (that Kratos won, because he would've proceeded to bash Thor's head in) and start beating Kratos from head to toe, They knock him out, and proceed to kill him with Mjolnir. They escort Thor to Asgard, and spit on Kratos like a bunch of wankers. Atreus wakes up and cries whilst holding Kratos, he summons a Snake and Fenrir (like we see in the Jotunheim mural), Thor's daughter holds the snake, and throws it into the Lake of Nine. She also steps on Fenrir, and knocks him out. She also knocks out Atreus. One of Thor's allies captures Mimir and tells him that he's going to enjoy his time the with the All-father. With Kratos dead, Thor's allies capture an unconscious Atreus and Fenrir, and a helpless Mimir. Freya suddenly appears, and tells the Valkyries to throw Kratos into Helheim, they imply that he has saved all the Valkyries, including Freya. Freya insists that Kratos is thrown into Hel, and just like that, the screen goes dark… Kratos fights his way out of Helheim, but not without having to get reminded of his past. Time moves differently in other realms, so 20 Asgard years have passed in Helheim. Kratos goes to his home and Atreus is nowhere to be seen, Kratos has no other choice but to pursue one of the last people to have seen Atreus; Thor. Kratos goes to Tyr's Temple and requests Asgard's realm travel rune from Brok and Sindri, and he gets it. Kratos goes to Asgard and sneaks by Heimdall. He plagues Asgard, and obliterates all the gods that helped kill him, and he gets to Thor. Thor has been wanting to settle the score with Kratos, and the two battle. It ends in Kratos knocking Thor unconscious a second time, he proceeds to lift Mjolnir and approaches Thor. Suddenly, an arrow is shot between Kratos and a beaten Thor, it is a 20 year-old Atreus. Kratos drops Mjolnir and runs towards his boy, only to be pushed by a force that Kratos has never seen in his son. Loki by now, and Thor; battle Kratos. Kratos seems to be holding back and struggling against Loki and Thor, overwhelmed by Kratos forcing himself to hold back, Kratos drops to the ground. Loki and a beaten Thor escort a beaten Kratos to Odin. Odin calls for Thor and his Blood Brother, Loki, to stand by his side. Kratos asks Loki "what happened to you?", and Loki responds with bringing up Kratos' previous family, and asked him why he stayed silent and never talked to him about it. Odin calls his spear and lifts it by Kratos' head. The giants rattle Asgard with a 10+ magnitude earthquake, and the horn is blown. Ragnarok has begun. Post credits: Kratos forces himself to not hold back, he sees fit to throw Loki at Odin in the midst of the Earthquake, and has to fight Thor for a 3rd time. GoW6 opens with the Giants fighting the Asgardians, and Kratos fighting Thor (note that it's 2-0 for Kratos).


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