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God of War 1 - God Of War appreciation post

Hey Guys,

So I bought a PS4 on the release of Spider-Man but I also picked up God Of War on the same day (physical copies btw). I never played any of the previous God Of War games before this but I played a free downloadable demo for God Of War 3 back on the PS3 when I was in college and I loved how brutal it was with all the creatures and Gods of Greek mythology. Sadly I didn't have the time to go back and play the others but I've seen a lot about it on YouTube over the years.

I'm avid gamer and keep up with the big releases and when God Of War was announced I paid attention. When the time came for me to finally play I started on Give Me God Of War despite all the warnings when starting. I found beginning of the game so difficult when you don't have good gear, upgrades, ruinic attacks or talizmans and general understanding of the game mechanics that it actually put me off playing it for a little while until I got the Plat Trophy in Spider-Man.

So I finally completed the game just last night and I really loved it. Kratos is easily one of my favourite game characters of all time and he's up there with the likes of Gearlt of Rivia in terms of coolness. This game was presented so well with an amazing story and score. It was the perfect size with just the right amount of collectables and side quests that doesn't feel overwhelming for a completionist.


Speaking of completionists, I only have 3 trophies left to get before I move on to the next game, Red Dead Redemption 2 but I also need to play The Last Of Us before the sequel for that comes out.

The trophies I still need to unlock are the Impossible Muspelheim trials, Niflheim chests and killing the last 13 of Odin's Ravens.

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Since I played it on GMGOW how much longer should it take me to get through the optional Realms mentioned?

This game really deserved Game Of The Year and it will for sure stay in my collection and maybe if I have time before the sequel gets released I'll do another play through in New Game + to remind myself of what epic adventures to look forward to.

Well done everyone involved in the making of this game and your success is well earned. I'm really looking forward to see whats next.

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