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God of War, Future Lore Twist, Prediction, and Theories.

God of War 8 - God of War, Future Lore Twist, Prediction, and Theories.

Since God Of War 4 finished it's story, many mystery was left behind like, "who called the World Serpent when Atreus was sick". My predictions and theory for the next God of War is that:

Remember when Jormungandr spit the Axe of Kratos? It showed Eitr Imbued, this could be a huge foreshadowing that Kratos is the one who's going to kill Thor. In the original Mythology, Thor was killed by the Snake's venom. With this enchantment on the Axe, it's possible. Also, when Mimir said that Jormungandr was sent back in time when fighting Thor, Jormungandr was supposed to kill Thor but it was sent back in time. This could also foreshadows that Jormungandr and Thor would fight again in the present Ragnarok but the serpent would be sent back in time again (to the point where Kratos and Atreus would meet it again in the lake), looping forever. After Jormungandr was sent back in time again, Kratos then now fights Thor, with the enchantment the Axe got from the serpent, Kratos would be killed by Thor (seen in the ending where it shows "Kratos" dead while Atreus holds him), but Thor will die too from the Axe's poison coming from the serpent.

It is shown in the carvings that "Kratos" died, but no, he would be resurrected by Atreus. When you looked at the carving, there's a Snake like figure that's coming from Atreus mouth, since we knew that the snake was Atreus' child and the snake was sent back in time (again). The soul of snake in the present would rather be given to Kratos for revival instead of being borned as a little snake that would turn big.


Now, some would say "How did the serpent born in the first place if it's soul was given to Kratos to be revived?", now that's where the timeline gets messy. Kratos wasn't supposed to be in the Norse mythology, the "Loki" from the Norse Mythology where Kratos didn't exists and Kratos wasn't his father was already in the future with his children (Jormungandr, Fenrir, etc.), but when Kratos stepped into the Norse, the Norse timeline and future got messed up, so instead of the serpent killing Thor, it was sent back time during their fight. Instead of Loki being just like the Norse god Loki, Loki instead became Atreus, son of Kratos. Like Mimir said, the propecy didn't count on Kratos that's why the Ragnarok was expected to hapoen 10x faster than expected in propecy ans that's why the serpent was sent back because Kratos messed up the timeline and the future of the Mythology, all done by sailing to Norse's world rather than staying on Greek.

Now, who called the world serpent when Loki was sick? My prediction is, it's Atreus, from the future. Remember in the Ending, Atreus magically knew how to speak to the world serpent to help them againts the frost giant being controlled by Freya? Atreus from the future actually used time travel, in the future Atreus knows how to speak the Giant's tongue. Since Future-Atreus travelled back in time and called the serpent, some of his future knowledge was sent to Present-Atreus (because of time travel and the changing of the timeline and the consequences of it) when he was sick, that's why his eyes glowed too when he called the serpent in the ending. He used the knowledge sent by the Future-Atreus when he called the serpent. Also Future-Atreus called the serpent that "I would need your help at some point".

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