God of War

God of War helped me through my parents divorce

God of War 7 - God of War helped me through my parents divorce

I'm not really a very emotionally articulate person nor am I a very good writer so you'll have to excuse my jumbled rambling, I'm just writing things down as I think of this.

In about August of 2017, my parents sat me and sister down one night and told us the bad news, they were getting divorced, obviously I was devastated by this, my parents seemed so happy together, but I guess they weren't.

I refused to belive that they had just grown apart and had determined that something else was going on. Unfortunately, I was right.

After telling my mom this a few times, she ended up going through my dad's cell phone records (of course she didn't tell anybody this) and found out that he had cheated in her twice. I couldn't even begin to describe how mad I was at both of my parents, how shitty it was of my mom to invade my dad's privacy and my dad to break such and important vow and promise like marriage.

I never talk about my feelings, I really hate emotion and would rather just repress it altogether (I know its not healthy I'm trying to change it) so I had months and months of anger. I couldn't sleep, I started to have anxiety attacks and I was skipping meals, overall just a real mess.

After hearing about the game announcement at E3 I was pretty excited, I had never really been a big fan of the series, they were popular before I started playing video games. I had played the remastered version of the third game on ps4 and enjoyed my time with it, even if I'm not a very big hack and slash fan (they're a little to complex for my simple mind). But I was interested with the new camera angle and gameplay style.


My dad had moved out in September, so when the game came I out I hadn't seen him for a few months and right from the beginning I had an immediate connection with Kratos.

Because he's just like my dad.

Both were buff, knew how to fight, and had alot of similar personality traits. So, in a sense, I was traveling the 9 realms with my dad. It really helped me see him for the good person he really is (despite all the shitty choices he made) I got to watch Kratos/my dad learn how to become a father again and it let me forgive him a lot faster than I thought I could, even if my family's still pretty splintered, my dad and my sister moved out (both to their own places) and my mom has to work alot more so we dont really talk much. This game, again came to my rescue, it helped take my mind off all that and give me a world to explore.

I dont really expect any one to see this, I just wanted to finally put my thoughts onto something and I thought this subreddit would be the best place to do it.

So all I have to say is, thank you Santa Monica, you saved me from possibly never speaking to my dad for many years, and for the amazing game you created .

TL;DR, Kratos and my dad are almost the same person (in how they look and act) and helped me forgive him for cheating on and divorcing my mom.

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