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God Of War Horror Concept?

God of War 8 - God Of War Horror Concept?

So GoW is pretty far removed from anything horror themed, but I was wondering if they could possibly make a little short story or game from the perspective of either a normal person or even a God or Goddess in a scary way. Hear me out, the games aren't scary when you are Kratos because he's the unstoppable monster people are afraid of, but what if you played as a random person during his war against Olympus and see all the destruction he's causing, plus having to fight the monsters as a normal soldier would be quite scary, because most of them are superhuman and massive, even the normal undead are quite strong and are much taller than normal people, hell even the harpies can carry people away fairly easily. Imagine a first person game where you have to hide or fight some of the smaller monsters and then things like cyclops's show up and you have no choice but to hide due to how powerful they are, with other soldiers you could maybe kill one, as we see the people fighting them in the opening of GoW 3, but by yourself it's either impossible or too difficult.

Maybe at one point you're about to die, but Kratos inadvertently saves you, and you see him from a normal human's perspective this massive unbelievably angry spartan with the power to kill Gods, it was pretty terrifying seeing him kill Poseidon from his perspective, and that was when you were a God, now imagine seeing it from a human's point of view, this murderer who is causing all this destruction that doesn't even spare you a glance and continues by you like you aren't even there.


Alternatively, you play as one of the Gods Kratos doesn't kill and see all the havoc he is creating, maybe you play as Hestia, she's not in the games, but does get mentioned once in the GoW 2 novel where she hides from Kratos with Hera, she was already scared of him before he started destroying the world so seeing all the devastation from her view would be interesting. Since you're a God though you can actually fight, not Kratos obviously, but the monsters wouldn't be as big as an issue for you as it would be for a normal person, but whenever Kratos comes around you have to hide, now he likely wouldn't kill you as he didn't go out of his way to kill the other Gods, he only did so when they got in the way, but you still don't want to get spotted, because you don't know that, all you know is that he is killing Gods.

Or maybe we are a random person in one of the villages his army raided for Ares and have to escape from him, or an assassin that keeps stumbling upon his handiwork, like Helios's beheaded body, or Herc's caved in face, and as you get closer to him you decide there is no way you could possibly kill this guy so you try to leave before the world ends instead. I don't know, I'm just spit-balling, I think it would be interesting to see from an outside perspective, like imagine being told tales of the Ghost of Sparta only to have a run in with him and think all the tales were true and know you were going to die, I think it would be cool.

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