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Alright after playing every single God of War game and reading every comic that has come out as well, I know a decent amount of the lure of Kratos. I've always wondered how a Gow movie would look but more importantly when it would take place. After playing the most recent Gow, and with it being one of my favorite games of all time, it answered a lot of questions about what happened to Kratos but at the same time asks that very same question. What happened to Kratos in between Gow 3 and 4? I think a movie would be the perfect place to answer that since the tie in comic is taking place before but a lot closer to the game. I want to know about Kratos' journey from Greece to Midgard. I also think the best person to play Kratos would be Jason Momoa. Get some colored contacts and shave his head and I think he'd look a lot like him. He's even said he would if given the opportunity. Also keeping in mind that Kratos' beard is a lot smaller in Gow 3 than in 4 and Momoa doesn't have a full man beard like Gow 4 but can grow more than seen in Gow 3, showing the progression of time and beard growth. I've read a lot of interviews and Barlog has said that Kratos lost his mind and gained it back in between the two games so that would be really interesting to see. Also his relationship with Athena and how she possibly torments him. I think there's a lot of potential here.


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