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God of War Overrated?

God of War 9 - God of War Overrated?

I didnt comment anything on GoW all this time that i didnt play it but i kept reading that its awesome, the best game of the year and a masterpiece and that it deserves over 10 rating etc. I played RDR2 first and AC Odyssey and now I'm playing GoW and i want to comment on this.

No, this game isnt that good. I dont understand why its so overrated and people say its a masterpiece. Imo both RDR2 and AC Odyssey are better games. Also I even prefer GoW 3 over this. Dont get me wrong, its a decent game and pleasurable to play. And the fact that its kratos makes it even cooler for us that we loved the old GoW games but it doesnt deserve GOTY over the other 2 games i mentioned.

Its strongest point is the graphics, its gorgeous, absolutely stunning and also because of the camera placement it gives you a cinematic feeling throughout the whole game but :

  1. It has an average story
  2. The camera might add to the looks but it retracks from the gameplay, you need to "fight" it during combat because you can see only infront of you.
  3. The combat is a Dark souls and Hack & slash mix type of combat which is decent but as a DS veteran i would say its worse than DS/AC origins -odyssey. Plus you are fighting the camera too and its "cheaper" you just stunlock the easy enemies to death or if the big ones swarm you its a pain in the ass.
  4. Unbalanced enemies and more unbalanced enemy encounters because of backtracking. Backtracking is horrible in every game. No gamer ever liked it and dont act like you enjoy it now because you're playing GoW. Also how does it make sense that Kratos dies in 3 hits from a draugr while he needs to hit it 15 times to kill it? It makes Kratos seem weak as fuck. Also you meet simple lame enemies so strong that they will kill you in 1 hit, that shouldnt have been possible, its ridiculous. I fought Baldur and it seems he was 1000 times weaker than a draugr.
  5. Horrible movement restriction. Yes it has it, its an open world game filled with invisible walls. You can only go where the game wants you to go. There are spots in the game with items for example that I as a normal human being would be able to reach easily but no, Kratos cant go jump from his boat to that shore, he has to take the looong way around because there simply isnt a "dock" there. Or he cant climb to that rock its too "tall" for a dwarf. They totally failed in the idea of an open world because of this.
  6. Lack of weapon variety
  7. Lack of miniboss variety
  8. Repetitive puzzles

I'm not just bashing the game like its crap, its a good game. I've played tons and tons of games over the years and this is one of the better ones but its so overrated and it got GOTY while it didnt deserve it in my opinion so i wanted to say the flaws I saw while playing. And i havent finished it yet, I just hope i wont find more negatives along the way.

My rating of the game so far would be an 8/10 and thats probably because im a Kratos fan, if it was just a different game i dont know about, it could have been 7. And the GOTY choice between AC odyssey and RDR2 is hard.

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