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God of War: Roman Gods Theory

God of War 3 - God of War: Roman Gods Theory

As the newest god of war game showed us, there are many pantheons of gods including, Norse, Egyptian, Japanese etc in addition to the Greek gods seen in the original games. So if the series is making multiple pantheons canon, then I have an interesting theory for the Roman gods.

I think it would be a bit of a coincidence that there would be a nearly identical pantheon to the Greek gods that just happen to live in the same area. I propose the Roman gods are the resurrected Greek gods in the GoW universe. Or perhaps they are the spectres of their physical forms similar how Athena is seen in GoW 3.

We have seen it’s possible for Kratos to escape from the afterlife, so why would it not be possible for other gods/demigods?

After the the destruction Greece suffered from the final war between the Titans and Olympians, the returning gods could have moved west to Rome, starting again in a new land and to influence their culture to become the dominant force in the Mediterranean. This could help to explain the similarities between the Greek and Roman pantheon who are pretty close to identical. The influence of this pantheon would also explain in this universe why Romans had very similar culture, language, architecture etc to Greece.


Historically, one of the big difference between Rome and Greece was the level of unity. Ancient Greece was rarely a unified empire or nation, rather it was more often a collection of squabbling city states. Each city had its own patron god such as Athena representing Athens, Poseidon for Corinth, and Ares for Sparta. Cities were often in conflict just as the gods in their mythology were often in conflict.

Ancient Rome however was far more unified compared to its Greek counterparts. In the GoW universe, the reason could be spun as the gods who represented this culture grew to work together more cooperatively. After the pantheons dealings with Kratos, they put aside their petty grievances and came together as a unified pantheon. This allowed the Roman culture to be such a dominant force.

Of course this is all just a fan theory meant for fun. It’s clearly not written into the story and I think for the purpose of story telling, I doubt they will revisit Greek/Roman culture since it’s already been done. Also the Norse mythology the current games are under is very cool.

This is just for fun and also because I love the Greek pantheon and I like to imagine they came back in some way after the events of GoW 3.

What do you think? Could the pantheon have returned or are the similarities between the culture just from the residual influence that persisted after their deaths?

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