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God of war theories for God of war 2

God of War 3 - God of war theories for God of war 2

This theory is thought by me, I do not know if someone has posted it before

God of war 2 (Nordic Saga)

I would start with kratos in the sindri and brok store (the one in the temple of Tyr in the lake of the 9) talking to them while they improve the ax (with some new skill).

In the conversation between Sindri, Brok and Mimir (who would follow in the waist of kratos) comment that the Fimbulvetr is ending but that during the great snowfall the lake has frozen.

That at this moment you just improve the ax and they tell you to go to the lake of the nine (completely frozen) to taste it. At that moment you see that the platform to call Jormungandr goes down and that she drops Atreus (and notes as a tremor that jormungandr has moved) and tells you that she has been talking to her (friends)

At that moment you are ready to go to the lake of the 9 to try it. (Here would start the gameplay) You kill a couple of enemies to get control of the character and the ax (as a tutorial plan, as in previous games)

Once killed a couple of enemies, as Sindri and Brok have told you that the Fimbulvetr is running out a kinematics that the frozen ground of the lake begins to break and has to run to the temple of Tyr, while enemies chase you (more than anything they run so that they do not fall into the water either) at the end kratos and atreus arrive at the temple before the ground thaws.

After this they would go home with the portal in the store.

(This part that I just described would be like the tutorial of the game, as the part since you start at 1 until before the fight with baldur, but in the game that takes about 40-50 min)

Once at home the final cinematic of 1 would come out in which Thor leaves, but this time it is not a dream and you have to face it. (This would be the classic boss at the beginning of the game)

The fight would be in several phases

  • Phase 1: Thor tells us why he is going for us and kratos and atreus have no choice but to go for him. The combat would be very frenetic and spectacular (As practically everyone in the saga). Once we eliminate almost all of Thor's life, there would be a cinematic in which atreus takes the stone to travel through the portals between the kingdoms (We as a player would not know where he is going at that moment)

  • Phase 2: This phase would be the same as the first one but this time without daring (so you can not help us with your arrows) an equally spectacular combat with incredible Thor movements like throwing hammer rays or taking energy absorbing rays with the hammer to then attack with more force. Once removed almost the entire life bar would come another cinematic. In this we would see how Kratos and Thor chop the Leviathan ax and the Mjolnir making sparks fly while in the distance we see Jormungandr approach in the distance with atreus on his head. Jormungandr with anger goes to Thor to eat it, but Thor hits Kratos skyward and Thor goes with him, landing the 2 on the back of Jormungandr while this is the only thing he gets with his bite is to destroy the house of Kratos and atreus

  • Phase 3: Phase 3 would be the last part of the fight where Thor and Kratos would fight on Jormungandr's back as it moves through the skies. By removing almost all the bar of life to Thor we would see another cinematic where we would see that Thor goes to the head of Jormungandr running, and just when he reaches it jumps and charges the hammer with thunder falling from the sky to strike a death Punch. Jormungandr would fall dead on the lake of the nine, falling on top of the temple of Tyr destroying it completely while Kratos and atreus jump from its back to the mainland along with Thor. Thor would realize that he has just killed his mortal enemy of Ragnarok thinking he can dodge the prophecies that he would die at the hands of Jormungandr. So he would quickly go to Asgard to tell the other gods that prophecy can be avoided and that no one is certain death. This would make Thor even more arrogant than he already is by believing he can not die (he's clearly wrong)

This would no longer be the continuation of the game but the continuation of the fight against Thor

In the same game but later (possibly at the end of the game) Kratos and Thor (Thinking Thor who is immortal) would fight, but Kratos would kill Thor with the ax that would be impregnated with the poison of the serpent (This happens the first time we we find Jormungandr in God of War, when Kratos throws his ax to the lake of the 9 and returns the ax to us, in that precise moment in God of War we get a message saying Imbuido de Eitr or Eirt Imbued in English)

This would be my beginning and the death of Thor for the next God of War

I'm sorry for my English

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