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God of War Theory: Kratos’ Happy Ending

God of War 7 - God of War Theory: Kratos' Happy Ending

I have a theory for how Kratos can have a happy ending, based on certain implications found in God of War 4. There are spoilers about certain events in GoW 4.

My theory draws on a few different moments in the game (spoilers would be here only):

  1. Mimir says that Jormungandr is meant to travel back in time to the days before his own birth because the World Tree will shatter, and shatter part of time with it.
  2. Faye and the giants had a prophecy in their hands about the life of Kratos and Atreus – a prophecy that no one else seemed to have.
  3. Tyr, portrayed as the good/kind god of war, was friendly to the giants and the gods, yet much of his story lies in mystery. We don't know how he befriended the giants, how he came to be a part of Odin's court, where he was born, or what ultimately became of him. We do know he spent a lot of time away from the other gods and loved to visit other mortal cultures. Also that the shrines that tell of his prophecies were blotted out, as though someone were trying to cover his tracks.

My sense for a possible happy ending to the Norse version of the GoW franchise goes like this:Atreus and Kratos bring about Ragnarok. Atreus holds a grievously-wounded Kratos in his arms and then steps forward for the final battle with Odin. During that final battle, Atreus breaks the world tree and shatters time. Jormungandr is hurled back into the past (bound to repeat the same period of time again and again forever).

But unexpectedly, Kratos gets hurled back in time as well.


He finds himself living in the nine realms in a time before he destroyed the Greek pantheon – before he himself is even born. People know he is a god, but no one knows his origin, his history, or that he fought and killed other deities. And while there, he meets his beloved Faye in the distant past.

What is he to do? He reinvents himself. He takes on the alias of the war god, Tyr. He becomes Tyr.

He puts all of his shame past him and builds a nobler life for himself and for others. He and Faye fall in love and marry in that time, and he tells her all of what will be in the future so that they can arrange everything that is to happen in GoW 4 and 5 (and 6, probably). He comes to be loved by mortals the world over for his kindness.

From there, it can go one of two ways.

  1. Kratos/Tyr dies, as Tyr is implied to have died, when he prevented the Aesir from getting into Jotunheim. It's sad, but he dies with the solace of having spent many, many years being the sort of man he can respect. He dies, having had a second chance for a wonderful life. No regrets. Not likely, though, since that Kratos is the heart of such a profitable franchise. Almost certainly what would actually happen is …
  2. Kratos/Tyr is presumed dead after he prevented the Aesir from getting into Jotunheim, but is not. He waits until after the world tree has shattered and those meant to travel through time are safely in the past … and then he, Kratos/Tyr, rejoins Atreus so the two of them can give Odin the biggest battle of his life.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

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