God of War

GOW4 is my favorite game of all time.

God of War 8 - GOW4 is my favorite game of all time.

I was never always a God of War fan as I never owned a PS3 and never had an opportunity to play. But after seeing GOW4 announced and I had a PS4, I was hype as fu*k and ordered the fu*king collector's edition. After playing and beating it back in April, I quickly came to the realization that it is my favorite game of all time. In fact I firmly believe it is the best video game ever made thus far. I believe this because everything just fu*king works and the game fails to lack quality in any portion of it. The story is the most impactful and beautiful story I have experienced, the combat and gameplay is so amusing and satisfying, and the world and lore feels lived in and feels like it's been here forever. Sony Santa Monica have gone out of their way to create an experience like no other, and I will support them with future decisions in this franchise. This game also got me heavily into Norse mythology it is so fu*king dope. I also met/got an autograph from Christopher Judge at a Con, my friend and I got him to say Despacito in the Kratos voice. I love this game and the people that made it and I couldn't be more thankful for those involved who just did everything they could to show the fans what the fu*k is up.


TL;DR: God of War 4 is my favorite game of all time, I believe it is the best game ever made as of now.

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