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Help a gal out with GMGoW Skills Questions? I’m also a non-Veteran of the series. :)

God of War 6 - Help a gal out with GMGoW Skills Questions? I'm also a non-Veteran of the series. :)

Hey sweethearts, I'm new to the series and I was wondering if you could help me out. Although I did watch the video to catch me up on the story. Looks like we're dealing with Norse Gods here which I'm way more into than the Greek stuff. Anyway, I'm one of those weirdos that plays everything on the hardest difficulties and one of my personal strategies is not to do any upgrades with my finite "resources" until I get stuck. Well, I just beat the creature at the bottom of the mines (trying to avoid spoiling) and I have about ELEVEN THOUSAND experience points saved up. The only skills I grabbed were a few to power up my little munchkin and that counter ability called Countering Strike because I'm really into PARRY MOVES (coming from Dark Souls and Bloodborne games). Think I'm going to grab Countering Crush, but I also want to leave a little room for future upgrades, so does anyone have an idea how I can spend about half of these points and not regret it in the endgame?

I've looked up suggestions online but none of them seemed to be geared towarded GMGoW difficulty. And well, experience in the past has taught me that sometimes certain skills that are devastating at lower difficulties become obsolete in higher difficulties and I'm trying to avoid that.

I'm currenty really interested in Permafrost, Countering Crush, Executioner's Cleave, Grinding Storm, and Precision Throw Combo.


I reverted a Save after trying out Pride of the Frost because man a lot of these guys really want to interrupt your combos and I use the knock back so much I can't ever finish it anyway.

Would Countering Crush and Pride of the Frost pair well? Is Guardian Sweep any good or should I go for Guardian's Judgment? I was finding enemies difficult to STUN and wondered if it was due to the difficulty level, and sure enough, their resistance is increased. So, if I'm going to make more use of it, I need more powerful stun attacks.

Hope this wasnt too wordy. Just a lot of questions. 🙂

I know I could have played at a lower difficulty to learn more about these skills with an easier sandbox to play in, but that still doesn't mean they'd be viable in GMGoW.

Plus, I'm sorta finding the GMGoW to be not all that difficult so far. I mean, that's one of the reasons I have so much XP stored up. The first place I felt a little stuck was a pit I fell in toward the beginning filled with Draugr and Countering Strike help solved that for me. And I have been upgrading Atreus because man he seems pretty useful so far and his upgrades are cheap.

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