God of War

[HERE THERE BE SPOILERS] How the sequel could implement myth

God of War 5 - [HERE THERE BE SPOILERS] How the sequel could implement myth

So with Fimbulwinter upon us and Ragnorok speeding towards Kratos and Atreus, there are a lot of fun ways the sequel could go. Some of the most exhilarating posts I've read since the game's release last year include Thor's opening clash with Kratos, Atreus kidnapped by Odin and taken to Valhalla and my favorite by far, Kratos dying during a great deed only to be plucked from death by Sigrun and the Valkyries. Now all of that has me frothing at the mouth for the follow up and so I want to put forward an idea that expands upon one of the revelations from Tyr's temple; that multiple myths coincide and that perhaps one day, the series will explore Egyptian, Japanese or Celtic myth.

In this premise, Kratos has indeed been separated from Atreus and it's up to Kratos and Mimir to find a way to breach the defenses of Asgard to save the boi. One of my favorite aspects of GOW 2018 was the constant challenges presented to the player. While some criticisms leveled at the game call this 'princess in another tower syndrome', I personally loved how the game kept things interesting with new locations, characters and puzzles to overcome. So the concept is that while Kratos searches for a way to rescue his son, Mimir suggests that during his travels, there was a relic he encountered capable of weakening Odin's hold on Asgard, if only temporarily. So with time and options short, Kratos and Mimir retrace's the steps of Tyr and arrive in Egypt.


Now this segment could be one of several things. The pair could arrive only to discover that much has changed since Mimir was last here and what they seek was either destroyed or taken. They would encounter Thoth, an Egyptian god of immense wisdom who tells them that while their prize is denied to them for now, he for-sees Kratos's return. This version of the concept would act similarly to Jotunheim from GOW 2018; a brief glance into a realm of possibilities. The other take would be a short segment that takes Kratos and Mimir over shifting dunes towards a sand buried temple were they would discover a mural depicting the Egyptians meeting with Tyr. A few short puzzles and the artifact is uncovered.

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I want to stress that this could be applied to Japanese or Celtic myth but the following would happen; Kratos (and thereby the player) are given a glimpse at another mythos and encounter an important member of that pantheon who gives Kratos a cryptic warning about the times to come. The MacGuffin doesn't necessarily have to happen but the idea of seeing however briefly another realm outside of the Norse setting would be thrilling.

I'm sure there are better ways of executing this and some might argue that it comes across as a gimmick and would ruin the eventual reveal. I for one would love to retrace Tyr's steps and see how the world is portrayed and how Mimir's prior travels would provide for some great stories. In the end, I hope this sparks conversation and gets people thinking of ways the world will be explored in the future. I welcome all discussion and I look forward to what you all think!

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