God of War

Hey guys, I need your help. I just started GMGOW, and it’s kicking my teeth in

God of War 2 - Hey guys, I need your help. I just started GMGOW, and it's kicking my teeth in

This is going to be a very lengthy post, it's my first time posting here and I want you all to understand where I'm coming from when I share certain opinions below.

So a few days ago, I finally beat my first playthrough of Sekiro. It was an amazing game, with an absolutely stellar finish with the final boss being one of the hardest and best designed bosses in gaming (imo). When I finally beat it after probably 50 tries, I was drunk on the challenge it presented and decided I should pick up my absolute favorite game of the last few years, and beat it on the hardest difficulty, God of War.

Now, I knew this was going to be a challenge. I've seen all your posts about how the first set of draugr kicked your asses and made you quickly adapt to how GMGOW needed to be played, which is to say, relentlessly. And I did exactly that, and it was STILL a challenge, but I loved it, and was ready for more

At least that's what I thought

As I continued through the gruelling combat and became a god (get it?) at switching strategies to suit the situation and making sure I kept the enemy where I wanted them and keeping them from buffing, I started to figure it out. And it felt really good.

And then Atreus broke that dumb wooden bridge, and suddenly I felt like I was playing a different game. I understand that GMGOW is supposed to be INSANELY difficult, that's what I wanted after all, but this fight just seemed unfair. Enemies everywhere that can quickly surround you in an area that feels way too small for the number there are, and two fire throwing draugr above you that take 4 or 5 hits with the thrown axe to take down, AND a fight with three heavies and more standard draugr, I just had this sinking feeling. I died at least several dozen times before I finally got it, and when I did, I didn't feel like I had won the battle because I got better or overcame the challenge, I felt like I had just gotten lucky. But you know what hey, I beat it, so its time to move on to the next battle.

And now, I'm stuck again, in that little area right after the second Apple, where the fight starts with a Revenant and two heavy draugr. And guys, I just can't do it.

I have gotten my parry times down perfectly (Sekiro helped a lot with that), I am always ready to dodge attacks from the side or behind, and I am relentless in my attacks, doing the best I can to never let my enemies catch a breath. And yet, I die anyway, because as more enemies join the fray, it just seems impossible to manage all of it.

I've heard from friends and from other posts that it gets easier once you can upgrade your equipment and have more skills, since they give you more tools to deal with the onslaught, and you can customize Kratos to fit your playstyle. But for right now, I just don't see how I'm going to get past it, and it has caused me to have something I never expected to have in this game: a complaint.


Now, before I go on, I want to make it clear that I absolutely ADORE this game. Its right up there with the greatest games of all time, and I will always remember it fondly. But here's my issue, and to illustrate it, I'm going to go back to Sekiro since its so fresh in my mind (keeping it spoiler free of course).

The final boss of Sekiro is an absolute masterpiece, and it's because of its brilliant design. It is so unbelievably difficult, but at no point do you feel it's unfair. Every time I died, it was because I screwed up, I made a mistake, and I got punished for it. It was firm, but fair, so to speak.

This fight in GMGOW doesn't feel that way. You are at such a disadvantage in almost every way, with enemies being able to buff themselves in almost no time at all, not being able to stagger most enemies before they even buff at all, and just the sheer number of them, it just doesn't seem reasonable, and to me it just isn't that much fun. In fact, if I'm being a hundred percent honest, those design choices seem kind of lazy, just a cop out way to make the combat incredibly difficult without actually putting in that much extra effort.

Now, I know a lot of you are probably going for that downvote button right now, and I get it. Especially since a lot of you HAVE overcome this challenge and might see it differently, but as of right now, I just don't understand it. Which, of course, is why I'm here.

I've been lurking on this page for a long time now, and I can honestly say it's one of the best communities on Reddit. You guys are so kind and supportive, and obviously love this game as much if not more than I do, and I need your help. Do you guys have any tips to help me get through this? Is there maybe something I'm missing here that is making this more difficult than it should? Or is this just another case of a scrub who needs to "git gud"?

And more importantly, I want to know if any of you feel the same way as I do about the difficulty at the beginning of this game. I feel like we all love this game so much that at times we will look at it with rose tinted glasses and ignore certain flaws that it has, but EVERY game has flaws, no video game is perfect, at least in my opinion. Is there anyone else who just felt like this opening section was unfair and frustrating for the player? Do any of you feel like this could've been done in a better way, like say keeping it easier until you can upgrade Kratos, THEN ramping up the difficulty? If you've made it this far into the post, I'm sure you'll have opinions of your own you want to share, and I would love to get a discussion with y'all going. Thank you for taking the time to read my first post, and for any advice or thoughts you guys can give

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