God of War

How God of War helped me with my chronic depression

God of War 5 - How God of War helped me with my chronic depression

I've been waiting to finish the game before I post this one, I had the idea for a while and after one of our users posted something similar and I've seen how awesome your reaction was to him I was encouraged to go with it.

I am 27 years old and I have a chronic depression. It is a result of being abused and neglected by my parents for almost 24 years (all started when I was 3, won't go to much details). I pretty much gave up on life and continued existing. I lost my job half a year ago and yeah, just sat home and did nothing, waiting for whatever else is in my cards to happen.

I won't go much into that depression stuff, its not the idea of this post. I am here to tell you guys how God of War 2018 changed my life. I grew up with the Mad Kratos. I sympathize with him because I had serious anger management issues. When the new game came out I avoided everything about it to not spoil it for me. All I knew Kratos had a kid and he was generally abusive towards him.

Then I started playing. It was instantly therapeutic. To see Kratos visibly regretting his past, battling his ever raging fire inside struck a chord with me. But most of all it showed me how parent-child relationship should look like IF YOU SUFFERING FROM MENTAL ILLNESS. (I capitalized because I had this discussion already with a friend and it's important to make this distinction. Mentally ill ppl, in this case anger management issues and self hatred, changed how you view the world. Its maybe not normal parent-child relationship, but you can see Kratos fighting his urges. ) Kratos teaching his kid how to deal with his anger, sometimes being afraid the journey is affecting his kid in a negative way, his protective attitude towards the child, his willingness to go to Hel and back willingly to save him… It all adds up. And it's beautiful.


And I didn't notice it at first but as I played the game, I found renewed strength to fight for myself, it gave me hope that I am not doomed and if I will have a kid myself one day I will not be a monster as I feared. That I can use my issues to my strengths. It gave me hope that if I'll try hard enough I can flip the entire world in its head. And it's something that not a single doctor or therapist could give me.

Thank you Sony Santa Monica for creating this absolute masterpiece of a game that speaks so loud and clear to ppl who struggle in their life.

Thank you dear Reddit community that answered my questions, indulged me in my curiosities about the game, and for being such a supportive community (I'm talking about that other post).

I will not waste this opportunity.

And on a side note: Why is Atreus dead in the main menu? That always looked weird, a doll that looks like Atreus lays lifeless at the bottom left side of the screen.

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