God of War


God of War 9 - Hunter

A boy aims his bow at a squirrel foraging on the forest floor. His grip is firm and his aim steady. He gambles a shot when the silhouette of a woman appears beside him. "Will you eat that?" she asks concerned. The boy lowers his bow and looks at her almost regretfully. He readies for an answer when she continues, "From nature we take only what we need." "I know," the boy sighs as he gets up and turns from the woman. "It's just that…" he hesitates a rebuttal. "You always teach me to shoot targets. When will I hunt like you and father?" The woman moves closer and leans in, "When you are ready," she breathes softly. "I ám ready!" he insists with his fists clenched. She moves in front of him and in the light her red hair waves furiously around her head. Her arms, adorned with symbolic tattoos, glistens with a golden tinge. She cups his face with her hands and smiles wistfully. "What you are is impatient, child. And impatience is rarely a good quality in a hunter." She wipes the dirt off his face and turns to look at the setting sun. "It will be dark soon. Your father must be worried sick," she smiles as she pulls the boy close.


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