God of War

I have gripes with this game and idk if they’re fair

God of War 2 - I have gripes with this game and idk if they're fair

Just bought God of War. I've been playing action games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta for years and years, and while the early games didn't interest me the story of the recent game really seemed intriguing to me. So, I picked it up.

First few hours were great. I travelled through Midgard, and really enjoyed the puzzles and combat. Heck, I even beat the ogre and "The Stranger" on hard mode before I cut the difficulty down. However the game slowed down to an absolute snail's pace when I got to Alfheim. The enemies are hard to pin down, they attack you from range, combo you, and it just felt bad. Enemies have delayed attacks so the dodge timer isn't accurate, if you do parry them then they scamper away before you can get a combo off. If you hit them they block it, and their buddies gang up on you while you try and open their guard. I even bought the shield bash designed for breaking guards, however once you open them up they just fly away, ruining any chances of capitalizing on the opening I created. Additionally, I really felt how close the camera was during this section as I really had no way of seeing attacks coming since the dodge indicator wasn't accurate anymore.

So I spent most of Alfheim just axe toss spamming until the enemies died. In truth, it wasn't hard. Hoewever the thing I hated is that wasn't fun. Melee simply didn't feel viable, so I was forced to play at range until the enemies died.


The puzzles felt bad too. Whereas Midgard was very obvious about what was a puzzle mechanic, I must have spent hours just looking around rooms for where to go. After the section with the light, I was forced to look up a walkthrough to find out where my next bridge of light was. Then there was the section where you had to put Atreus through a hole in a random wall, nevermind the whole ass room of things that weren't even relevant to this. Then you get to the dark room with the platform you can lower and raise, and there's just.. all this stuff that doesn't matter. I mean there were 2-3 corridors leading to rooms that just had nothing of note, making me spend lots of time wandering around wondering what to do.

Obviously I feel very much like a noob struggling through this section. The solutions aren't complicated, they're just hard to find. I feel like a lot of the rooms are so weirdly big and complicated considering the simple puzzles inside them. The combat felt weird and unfun, and trying to enjoy it just got me hit more often than not.

Am I the only one who had these issues with Alfheim or is there actually something wrong with this section?

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