God of War

I just defeated Sigrun and it felt too… easy (?) (GMAC)

God of War 6 - I just defeated Sigrun and it felt too... easy (?) (GMAC)

Well, first of all, the purpose here is not to brag about it at all. I just want to see if anybody felt the same and debate about how the next game could improve on boss battles.

So, this is my first time playing the game and I chose to play on "Give me a Challenge" difficulty. For most of the game I felt that the level of challenge (heh) was ok, it was fun to play and at the same time I was forced to use almost every skill available to optimize combat. In various parts of the game I struggled and died several times, especially on the first levels when I was still getting the hang of it (and when offensive/defensive resources were still scarce). I do not think I am an extremely gifted player whatsoever, and I think I actually struggled through many parts, but I don’t think I’m horrible either.

With that in mind, I want to say that I am a big fan of boss fights and I generally consider them the highlight of many games (I love the souls series, having played DS III, Bloodborne and Demons Souls, all of which have excellent bosses). So, when I could start to fight the Valkyries I was very enthusiastic about the challenge. And they really were good fights. I found most of the fights satisfying (you really had to learn the patterns of the attacks to survive), but I thought that overall they were a little (just a little, really) too easy after a few tries.

But ”no problem”, I thought. ”Soon I will reach Sigrun and I will not have anything to complain about the difficulty".


I got to the fight and tried it 3 times without too much commitment, just to feel the weight of the battle, since I was already finishing my gaming session and was planning to complete Niflheim before taking on her. The next day I tried it one more time, thought I could beat her and adjusted my runic attacks to fit the fight better. Two more attempts and bang… Sigrun defeated.

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What struck me was that I didn’t use a Resuscitation Stone nor Spartan Fury, resources I used in past fights against other Valkyries. I feel that the fact that she did not have any new moves made things a lot easier, since I did not have to go through too much adaptation and learning like in most past fights.

So, to wrap it up, does anyone else share this opinion? If so, how do you think the game could improve to bring new and better boss battles in the future?

I absolutely love this game, but I feel that the boss battles still have A LOT to improve, since we practically had multiple small variations of Trolls and Valkyries. The only truly memorable battles were against Baldur and against Magni and Modi.

P.S.: I fought the first Valkyrie (Gunnr, I think), at lv4 and the last one (before the Valkyrie Queen) at lv6. Sigrun was beaten at lv7. I used Leviathan’s Awake, River of Knives, Spartan Charge and Hyperion Grapple as runic attacks against Sigrun. Not all valkyries were as easy for me as it may have sounded, I actually just felt disappointed with Sigrun. I had the most trouble against Helheim’s Valkyrie, it took some time to beat her ass.

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