God of War

I just had a wild theory about a possible allegory that Kratos might be part of.

God of War 9 - I just had a wild theory about a possible allegory that Kratos might be part of.

Marking this under spoilers for anyone who hasn't played the latest game as unlikely as that might seem.

But anyway I've been playing God of War ever since the original games on the PlayStation 2. I love God of War. Now I admit that some of the games are not perfect. But overall none of the games are excessively bad. No it's everyone knows the whole idea of the majority of the games is literally having Kratos fight his way through the Greek pantheon of gods literally killing off pretty much all of them. To the point where he actually caused essentially the end of the world. Now with the latest game he is now in the Norse mythology as we all know instead of the Greek mythology. This gives me to ideas.

One might be a bit more truthful than the other and the other one might just be my own brain over-analyzing things but hear me out.

My first theory is that Kratos could very well be basically the personification of Ragnarok. For those who don't know or aren't up-to-date on their Norse mythology Ragnarok is the basically final day of existence. Essentially the Nordic equivalent to Armageddon. As we know Kratos is very good at doing one particular thing and that is killing gods. And since in Ragnarok all of the gods are supposed to basically fall in battle this genuinely makes me wonder if Kratos is essentially the personification of Ragnarok if not the individual who is meant to bring about Ragnarok.


Well this idea does seem to hold a degree of Merit in my mind it doesn't exactly explain the whole thing with the Greek pantheon. And to that I say this. Could it be possible that Kratos is basically meant to be the physical manifestation of the decline of certain religious beliefs throughout history? Here's what I mean. As we all know various religions existed centuries before anything that we now would recognize came into being. But over time these older religions began to for the lack of a better term fall out of favor. For instance the old Pagan Nordic beliefs in God's like Odin, Thor and all those others were slowly being replaced by Christianity. To a lesser extent this likely would have happened in Greece as well as their beliefs began to get shaken up over time. Could it be that Kratos is an allegory for the slow decline of these older styles of religion and beliefs and the rise to the possibility of other forms of faith and the like Christianity and Buddhism and all those others. After all it is been hinted at the fact that at some point Kratos and by extension at Reyes will go on to several more places in the future.

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Anyway those are my ideas. What are you guys think? Do you think any of these ideas hold any kind of Merit? Or do you think I'm simply over-analyzing things? Tell me your thoughts below.

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