God of War

I just noticed something about the Dwarves and Freya

God of War 4 - I just noticed something about the Dwarves and Freya

I don't remember Brok or Sindri having any dialogue with Freya. In fact, I don't even recall them showing themselves to Freya throughout the story.

During the Black Breath arc, we hear that Freya passed by Sindri's shop but she mentions not seeing anyone there. We then move down Sindri's elevator (sky mover?), and pass by his empty shop again.

When Freya guides our protagonists through the Tyr's temple scenes (before and after the Alfheim realm travel) we pass by Brok's shop and we don't see him either.


I could easily dismiss as a coincidence, that Brok and Sindri are working on something else in a different land or realm, but it seems fishy. Especially since Sindri explains that Dwarves are able to slip through realms easily and can do it so that they are invisible to everyone except dragons. We also hear Sindri mention that he learned a lot from the Vanir after he and Brok parted ways, so I don't think they particularly hate the Vanir gods or are afraid of them.

I'm not sure if it was mentioned in this reddit before, but could it be that the Huldra brothers are intentionally hiding from Freya in particular? Does the Norse Myth mention anything about the relationship history of these characters? I'm very interested to learn more.


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