God of War

I love this franchise’s story

God of War 8 - I love this franchise's story

I've generally seen a devide within the God of War community, understandably so, some prefer the old Identity of the franchise, an action packed, gameplay focused, Greek set world of the OG God of War, and others prefer the new, the Norse set, slower paced, story heavy modern era God of War. Both are super different yet somehow fit in the same franchise, it's like the Assassin's Creed community, two eras of the old and the new. But I'm not here to say what I believe is superior or "the true identity of the franchise" no, I enjoy and critique games for what they want to be, not their identity, not their franchises, and especially not for their community, not saying comparing games in the same franchises to one another is bad, just that I believe game should be judged for what they set to achieve and if they succeeded reaching those achievement first and foremost, with franchise coming after, and community ignored. But I'm getting off topic, I'm here to talk about story and personal live for this franchise.

God of War has been a close franchise to me, even if the first few games outdate me quite a bit, I've always been close to action and story games due to the fact my father has always enjoyed games in these genres, he's a huge fan of Hack'n'Slash games, but enjoys story based titles too, he loves Devil May Cry and Final Fantasy, and I do too. So when first picking up God of War 3, I absolutely loved it, thought the game took it self too seriously at some portions and I think the sex mini-games were dumb, but overall I think this game is a must play, so of course I picked up the other 2 games in the trilogy, loved them just as much, so imagine me, watching e3 2016, seeing a little boy playing with toys thinking "oh some new IP" then hearing the deep voice of a testosterone filled man, then seeing said ma step forward, Kratos bearded and gruff, couldn't help but scream like a little girl. When I first played God of War 2018, and all subsequent playthroughs after, I was constantly blown away, though I feel as though the gameplay and wow factor of the game didn't reach the levels of the OG trilogy (exception being meeting the stranger) the game felt more personal, the closer camera, the smooth transitions into cutscenes, less battle shouts and more talk, banter between Atreus and Kratos with all the other characters, it felt closer. When playing through the story, and seeing Kratos' son, I remembered he had a daughter, but couldn't remember other specific details, so I replayed the OG trilogy, and after connecting all the dots in the story, I couldn't feel more in love with a franchise.


God of War 2018's story of Atreus reminded me of Katos' daughter, leading me to replay the old games to learn more about her. The weakest part of the old games in MY OPINION was that I couldn't relate to Kratos due to his rage, I understand growing hate for someone that forced you to kill your family, but the overly outlandish shouting, the constant slaughtering with no remorse or feeling of gult, even to the people that have helped him before just fely unbelievable to me, but after seeing 2018 Kratos' remorse and want of actual change and improvement, I couldn't help but cry and empathize. I carry many regrets, even the smallest of mistakes eat me up, so Kratos' story of wanting to leave the sins of past behind to build a better future holds close to me, I believe all people have the chance to do good, and I mean ALL, even the worst of the worst in my opinion can improve, if a man that has ended the world for his own personal selfish reasons can change and become a good father, I believe everyone has the same chances. Aight I'm done, Luv U, bye.

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