God of War

I loved this game… except for the ending

God of War 7 - I loved this game... except for the ending

Around 3 months ago I started play GOW3, and instantly fell in love with this game! When I finished it I immediatly bought GOW(4) and I have played it for the last 2 months. It didn't take long before I also fell in love with this game!

The game felt a lot slower then GOW3, but the character developement was great. I really felt attached to Kratos, and later also to Atreus (and Mimir not to forget!). The gameplay was really fun and the story was really interesting aswell!!

The whole time I was playing I was super excited, until I suddenly completed the whole game. Before hand I was looting a lot, because I thought it would help me later in the game. I 100% completed all the other realms, did all favours and completed Midgard for around 80%. I did it all thinking it would help me out in the longrun, which made it feel really rewarding. And I'm not gonna lie, it was honestly really fun! Muspelheim was amazing, whereass Nifflheim felt more as a chore. The Valkyries were a really fun challenge (and I yet have to kill Sigrun!). And all the other favours felt like exploring the game and the story.

When I gathered the second crystal, and went to Jötenheim, I didn't think it would be the end. We didn't see Thor or Odin afterall. We yet had to see Freya again after killing Baldur. We still had to visit Asgard, Vanaheim and Svartalheim. I honestly expected to meet Thor or Odin at the realm/gate. But that didn't happen. Finding out Atreus was half Giant was really good. And spreading out the ashed honestly was really emotional and had me realizing what I have done to get there. But then there suddenly were the credits. At first I was really confused, not knowing what to think. When we went back to Midgard I expected something big to happen, especially since Mimir said we were gone for so long… but nothing happened. I decided to go back to 'home', to see if anything was hidden over there. And indeed there was, the secret ending with Thor. I honestly thought for a second that I was entering 'the second part of the game'. But that wasn't the case.


At this point I realized this really was the end. And I was really dissapointed by it. Now don't get me wrong, spreading out the ashes was really emotional and it was a really good part of the game. But I feel like I would've truly loved it if it wasn't the ending. There were just so many things that were showed, but not finished.

At the end I realized that throughout playing this game I was always looking forward to what would or could happen. And now I look back I noticed not a lot of things have happened. It all feels pretty pointless for me. If I compare it to a game I love, Uncharted 4, I notice that throughout playing that game, I always looked back at the awesome stuff that happened. And when it finished I was super satysfied and couldn't wait to replay it. But with GOW I don't have that. After all the teases about Odin, Thor, the Giants, the 3 other realms, I was constantly excited to see them all. But it never happened, making me really dissapointed at the end.

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