God of War

I might have figured everything out, for this game and the next two. Hear me out

God of War 9 - I might have figured everything out, for this game and the next two. Hear me out

This post will be long, there will be a TL;DR at the bottom, but for now hear me out.

We start at Odin, his goal as far as I can see is to start Ragnarok. The reason for this is to me unknown, however, I do believe he wants to rule everything there is. so having the nine realms destroyed would give him a good opportunity.

So let's go back to the end of God of War 3, Greek is destroyed, Olympus is no more and Zeus is dead. Since Tyr visited other lands, Odin would know. And once the word got to him that a God from Sparta destroyed the Greek pantheon, he knew how to start Ragnarok.

In the God of War book, it is mentioned that the wolves Sköll and Hati dragged Kratos to Midgard. Mimir also tells us that Odin has full control over these wolves. Meaning that there could only have been one person to have Kratos be dragged to Midgard. Odin.

But what does he want with Kratos? Well, he needs Kratos to cause Ragnarok. To do this he needs Baldur to die. He knew this because of the prophecy that was told about Baldur and because he gained an immense amount of knowledge about Ragnarok once he killed the prophet who witnessed Ragnarok.

Freya in some way learned of this plan from Odin, and to protect her son, she cast a spell on him to make him invulnerable to all treads physical or magical. But it leaves a vulnerability to mistletoe. Mimir learns of this but once he was imprisoned, Freya cast a spell on him making him unable to say what Baldur's weakness is.

So now Kratos is in Midgard, Odin most likely kept a close eye on him, but he disappeared when he met Faye. This is because the stave Faye cast around the woods she lived in made it unable for Odin to see them.

Years past and Baldur has turned to Odin to find a way to get rid of the spell his mother cast on him. This is, of course, great for Odin, since the death of Baldur means the start of Ragnarok.

So when Kratos has cut down all the specific threes that protected them, Odin immediately send Baldur to go and kill this supposed "Giant". But Odin knew damn well that it was, in fact, a God. And here comes the brilliant part of Odin's plan.

If Kratos were to kill Baldur, Ragnarok would start. But if Baldur kills Kratos, then Odin would have one less threat to deal with. He knows very well what Kratos did to his home, and he knows how powerful he is.

You see, he could have sent Thor, as you Thor hates the Giants, so saying to him that a powerful Giant has appeared would have caused him to go and kill this "Giant". But he did not, because he needs Kratos to kill Baldur, or at the very least have Baldur killed soon.

And seeing as that Kratos failed to kill Baldur the first time, Odin knew Baldur would be insulted and would not stop until he had killed this "Giant". Meaning one of his goals would be fulfilled.

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Then we go to Freya, when she meets Kratos she, of course, knows who he is. She knew this because Odin or Mimir told her about him. Now you might be thinking: "How could Mimir know who he is? He only found out in Hellheim?" Well no, he knew who the Ghost of Sparta was, he knew who Kratos was. What he learned in Hellheim was that Kratos is the son of Zeus. Something that not a lot of people knew. And how would Freya know? Well, what would have been the reason for her to cast a spell on Baldur? The fear that Kratos would kill him. But how could she know because that spell was cast 100 years ago but Kratos has only been in Midgard for 50 years. Well, you know the prophet that Odin killed and from who he obtained the knowledge about how Ragnarok would come to be? That was before the events of the game, probably a long time before it.


So then we have Freya, she knows her son is in danger. So to save him she hides Kratos and Boy. But when she places the rune on them to hide them, she also made it possible for her to track them. That is why she can find them at the Black Breath and when they are about to fight Baldur for the final time. The fact that they are hidden from Baldur is clear because he goes to Mimir to ask him about the location of Kratos. They were right under them but they could not find him and Boy.

So back to Freya, she wants to protect her son and to do that she needs Kratos dead. To do that she sends them on a suicide mission which would either have them killed or make it so Freya can find her lost brother. You see, Freya has a brother. This brother has helped the light elves for ages and is now missing. But at the moment the Dark Elves control Alfheim. So to find them she needs for the Dark elves to be defeated. And what would be better than to send a one-man army to Alfheim? If Kratos would succeed, Freya would be one step closer to he brother. If he failed, her son would be saved. And she even had a plan B if Kratos defeated the Dark Elves. The Light of Alfheim. She could have told them about the danger of it way before they went to Alfheim, but she waited. Knowing they needed to step in, she thought Kratos would stay in it and die.

When all of this did not work out she saw a second opportunity, he needed to save his own son. So she made up the need for the bridge keepers hearth. An ingredient she could have never known would work because the Bridgekeeper has been in his place before Freya even existed. So she could never have known it would work. But again, her brother. She probably suspects him to be in the city in Hellheim past the bridge of the dammed. So to free him she would need to get rid of the Bridgekeeper. And if Kratos succeeded she would be one step closer to her brother, if Kratos failed her son would be saved. And the warning about not crossing the bridge of the dammed was most likely only there so Mimir would not tell him and give Kratos a reason to doubt her intentions. She keeps an act going when she is around Kratos to look friendly, just so she does not raise any suspicions from either Kratos or Mimir.

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Then when they are about to face Baldur for the final time she panics and drops Kratos' name. A big mistake on her half. Before this, she keeps up an act of "following her son, because the woods and fields speak his name". Yeah sure Freya you are just using the tracker that is still on Atreus.

Then once Baldur is killed she has no need for Kratos anymore, and simply wants to kill him herself now. Odin on the other hand also wants Kratos dead because he as well has no use for him anymore, so he sends Thor to deal with him.

This is for now what I have, I am still working on the role Mimir, Sindri, the Light Elves and Faye have in this, but I know each of them do. I just don't know what role. Plus I have evidence that in the Jothunheim mural, it is, in fact, not Kratos who is being held by Atreus but someone else.

Again I could be wrong, but I am 99% about Freya's intentions.

TL;DR: just read the damn thing

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