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I really think God Of War and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice are one another’s rip off

God of War 9 - I really think God Of War and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice are one another's rip off

–This post contains spoilers from both games–

Alright so, I played God of War in 2018 and in that year I started hellblade, but I didn't finish it that year. I started playing hellblade again this year and yesterday I finished the game. I couldn't stop seeing simmilarities between the two games and I got to a point that I'm sure they are one another's rip off, but I can't say who copied who. I am also not hating on any of these games. I played both and I think they´re great.

–Here's a list of "coincidences" in both games:

-As I played hellblade, I noticed more and more common elements in these games, and then I googled both games and I found out that their production started in the same period (2014) and they were launched with only 8 months of difference.

-I also found an interview of Cory Barlog (Gow's director) in which he lists 8 games you should play, and one of them is Hellblade.
discover the creators 8 games cory barlog thinks you should play - I really think God Of War and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice are one another's rip off


Let's head to the games themselves: (Spoilers ahead)

-The cameras in both games are pretty much the same.

-Both are the only games ever made that go through all campaign with no loading screen or camera cuts.

-Kratos' and Senua's adventure are motivated because of their loved ones (Laufey for Kratos and Dillion for Senua).

-Senua carries Dillion's head on her hip, just like kratos carries Mimir's head on his.

– In both games you have a dude with the same celtic accent that guides you ( In gow is Mimir and in hellblade is Druth) and both characters are responsible for telling you the stories of the nordic pantheon.

-In hellblade, you find some gravestones and shields, and other objects marked with runes, and they reveal more stories about the pantheon. In gow you find boards and I believe other objects( I don't remember very well) that have the same purpose.


– When in combat, you hear artreus and the voices in senua's head helping you by saying "behind you" or "focus".

-In both games there is a "disease" problem in some point. In hellblade you see the rot growing and getting to senua's head, and in gow, artreus gets sick because he doesn't know he is a god.

-The animation of the characters opening doors are simmilar

-In both games there's a point where you enter a mountain, and the overall scenarios (not just inside the mountains, but in all the game) are resemblant.

-At some point in the campaign, senua and kratos need a new weapon to fight a specific type of threat.

-In hellblade, there's a rune where you are told about the role of mimi's head in ragnarok.

-In both games there is a moment in a bossfight that are equal. In hellblade, when you are facing Fenrir bossfight, there is a moment where he hides in the shadows, and you have to listen to him to react when he attacks you. In god of war this happens in the Modi and Magni bossfight, when they scream ODR BRODR BLINDR and they hide in a fog and you also have to listen to them to react to the attacks

-Also, both characters acts seem to trigger ragnarok. While kratos kills baldur, Senua kills valravn, surtr, and fenrir, and this will apparently lead to ragnarok.

Again, I can't say who copied who, I just don't believe that all these things are just coincidence. I'm also gonna post this on
r/hellblade, just to be fair, and to see what is their opinion on that.

Edit: tried to post this on
hellblade - I really think God Of War and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice are one another's rip off

r/hellblade, but I don't have enough comment karma to post it. Bruh

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