God of War

I recently played through the first 3 games for the first time….

God of War 4 - I recently played through the first 3 games for the first time....

And holy shit, what an amazing franchise. I played GoW 4 before playing the first 3, but due to wanting to replay it again, I decided it would be better to go through the first 3 games first. And holy shit, I am amazed at how amazing these games are. I fucking LOVE Kratos even more. What a fucking badass.

The first game was amazing. I loved the Athens part of the game, before you decide to go to the desert. That part was so much fun and it introduced the world really well. The desert and being on Cronos' back was awesome as well. I really didn't know that you had to escape from Hell (and I soon realized that Kratos is not a stranger to that). Battle with Aries was kinda easy, but I suppose that's ok for a first game.

Second game is somehow maybe even better, lol. You can clearly see that they pushed PS2 to it's limits and it works big time. My favourite part was battling Sisters Of Fate. God, what a fun boss fight. Battle with Zeus was mildly frustrating at parts (usually when I fail to shoot his lightning bolts back at him, but that's not the game's fault), tho it's kinda funny in retrospect when you realise that he provided the bolt powers to you in the first game while running through Athens.


The third game, however, was absolutely fucking bonkers. I honestly think that when developers realised how much more they can do with PS3 graphics, they went balls to the walls with this game. Every piece of this game was entertaining. Battling against various bosses was a lot of fun. Fighting Zeus wasn't all that spectacular for me, but it was fun. I had a lot of fun playing with Hercules's giant bear gloves thingies. I don't know their name, but I upgraded those motherfuckers to the max cause they were so powerful. While annihilating Zeus at the end and after his blood covered the screen completely, I kept pressing circle thinking I had to. I kept punching the poor bastard for like 30 additional seconds not realising I could've stopped at any moment. And it goes without a doubt that fighting Cronos was my favourite part of the game. I will say, however, that this game made me question my love for Kratos. While he is merciless murderer, in this game he does some shit that made me really angry at Kratos.

As much as I love it, I can't confirm nor deny that it's my favourite. I still value GoW 1 a lot because it really surprised me at how good and deep this franchise is.

And what's probably the best part about all 3 games….is soundtrack. It's been like a month since I finished the 3rd game, and I still listen to "Revenge & Redemption" and "The End Begins" amongst other songs. But my favourite soundtrack is "The Vengeful Spartan".

I have nothing but the praise for these games. After all these years, I still think they hold up pretty well.

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