God of War

I Seriously Can Not Describe My Excitement for Ragnarok

God of War 5 - I Seriously Can Not Describe My Excitement for Ragnarok

While I understand that everyone is very excited for ragnarok, I seriously can not contain my excitement. I just can't stop thinking about what they might do for Asgard, what they might do for the city of Helheim (I'll explain what I mean), what they might do with Hræsvelgr (the crow in Helheim that we would've fought in the first game if they had the budget and time), I also hope they do something with Vanaheim, considering it's the home of the Vanir gods, I also keep thinking what Thor's inevitable boss battle will be like, how we will come to hate him more than we already do, same thing goes for Odin, how they'll develop the idea that Atreus is part god, how they'll develop his growth (abilities and such), also how they'll develop on the idea that he might've been named Loki (if they do anything with that at all, which I am more than certain they will).

I've spoken more than enough, but you get my point, I could go on and on. By far, the thing I am most excited for is Asgard. How we'll get there, who we'll meet, who we'll fight. Another thing is new mechanics they might add (I can't think of any, but they're the ones getting paid to be creative, so I'll let them do their job lol).

And I almost forgot Freya. It's more than obvious that she will play a HUGE part of the story, I can't wait to see what they do with her.

Finally, let me explain 2 things: what I meant by the city of Helheim, and why I am so excited.


1- the city of Helheim: I'm replaying the game, and got the gate keeper's heart yesterday. Once you beat it, the hallucination of Zeus appears for the first time. Then Kratos asks Mimir, "What is that place?" which Mimir responds to with "Never go there, understand?" which (to me) means that we are more than likely going to go there. (Mimir also said something while he and Kratos were in Helheim which I can't find in youtube videos that made it almost obvious to me that we are going to the actual city of Helheim next game, sorry if this point is confusing.)

2- Why I'm so excited: God of War is by far my favorite PS4 exclusive. It's probably my favorite game on the PS4 period. It's up in my top 5 of all time, with Red Dead 2, The Last of Us (only part 1), Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Horizon: Zero Dawn (honorable mentions include Uncharted 4, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-man, and Hollow Knight, and Mario Galaxy 1 & 2). I just have such high hopes for this game because we saw what they can do from the first game. I seriously can not wait for this game, and I have no doubt they will make another masterpiece that will awe us more than the first one did. I can go on and on about this but you get my point.

To everyone at Sony Santa Monica Studio: Thank you so much for making such a masterpiece , and we can't wait to see what you guys have to show us next year. We wish you all nothing but the best.

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