God of War

I think I know what Kratos’s true power is!

God of War 6 - I think I know what Kratos’s true power is!

In the past games I thought kratos’s power was just like superhuman strength, speed, durability and the usual boring godlike powers, but in the new game according to Mimir and Kratos himself every god (or demigod) has somewhat of a unique power (or a unique version of the same powers), but among all gods Kratos is probably the only one who doesn’t have any Kind of unique ability, at first I thought his rage was his unique gift, but that’s kinda natural in everyone and I think that’s just him letting lose and ignoring pain to focus on strength (and he didn’t have that in all games so it’s kinda rules out, kinda), then I thought his strength has to be his unique power since it’s his most prominent feature and the fact that his name literally means strength supports the idea, but that’s kinda Hercules’s power and it wouldn’t be unique if two gods had the same power(and it would be boring and lame so I wasn’t satisfied), then I thought it might be his energy absorption as we seen him do countless times in previous games, absorbing the magics and powers of different gods and creatures throughout the years, while that was a good candidate it didn’t seem very unique, I thought maybe he had some lightning related power since his father was Zeus and we’ve seen him use many lightning weapons and magics, but that couldn’t be it either because his lightning weapons and magics were given to him and he wasn’t born with them and in the new game we see how weak he is against lightning while fighting Magni and Modi and as we seen with Atreus godly powers can be vastly different form god to god even if they are father and son, maybe his combat prowess and and fast learning with new weapons was his gift, but that’s more of skill not a power, so I was determined it has to be related to his strength since in the last game it was mentioned many times, so I thought about it and I realized that Kratos seems to struggle the same amount when fighting different gods and creatures no matter the difference in their powers, I know, the developers said that in the game they had to nerf Kratos so player can actually play and struggle through the game and his power is much higher, but I’m not just talking about normal enemies I’m talking about all enemies, he seems to struggle the same amount when he was fighting Cronos as he was fighting the resurrected Barbarian King, one is strongest titan and the other is servent of Hades, so I thought what if Kratos’s unique power isn’t just strength, what if his unique power is a boost in strength, what I’m saying is that I think KRATOS’S POWER IS THAT HIS “BASE STRENGTH” IS “ALWAYS EQUAL” TO HIS “OPPONENT”! (I wrote that in all caps for those who don’t want go and read through all this to see), ok what do I mean by that, first the key words are “base strength” and “opponent”, about base strength first, what I mean by base strength is not his natural superhuman strength and boost he gets by rage or focusing in combat, I think his godly unique power will give him a base strength boost if his superhuman strength is not enough to beat enemies, and he can always become even stronger if he focuses during combat (or rages), because his base strength adds up to his rage and focus strength, that explains why he was stronger than Zeus, Cronos, Atlas and even Hercules, cause that’s literally what happens during his fight with him, Kratos doesn’t beat Hercules because he was fatser or smarter, we see him literally outmatching him in pure strength, that’s what he does when fighting Cronos as well, the titan literally can’t squish Kratos between his fingers, the power boost also explains him one shoting normal enemies and ripping them in half with only his bare hands, because he’s actually “not” getting a boost here and only using his normal superhuman strength, because his normal strength is already higher than his enemies and he doesn’t need the boost, that’s how he kills Hera with one hand, because she wasn’t strong enough for even his normal strength, and now about what I mean by “opponent”, by opponent I actually don’t only mean enemies, I also mean any obstacles, be it gods or giant temples, I think the boost activates whenever Kratos think he needs the strength, that explains why he can’t just destroy locked doors or chests, because when he sees them he doesn’t think of strength, he thinks of a key. I know this theory has lot of holes in it (like this is can all be explained as part pandora’s box powers since after opening it in the first game Kratos didn’t lose the power till end of the third game and most of his great feats of strength are during that time) and his rage being his unique ability is an much easier answer but I do think it’s solid enough that it can be really cool explaination for most of his encounters with enemies and gods and I think It’s flexible enough so it can be changed later for it to be more solid, so comment below what you think and how we can improve the theory or even comment what you think Kratos unique power is and come up with your own theory.

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