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I Think Kratos Will Fight The Norns In Ragnarok, Like He Did The Fates In God Of War 2

God of War 7 - I Think Kratos Will Fight The Norns In Ragnarok, Like He Did The Fates In God Of War 2

The Norns are to Norse Mythology what the fates were to the Greek Myths. Spinners of the fate of mankind and human history. Although the fates 'carve' mans fate in stone, not weave it like Clotho in the original game did.

If you've played the original games, you'll probably remember what Kratos did to the Fates. In God Of War II, Kratos was so angry he literally defied and killed the fates in order to ensure he could get revenge on Zeus and free the Titans. That didn't pan out the way he planned in God Of War III of course.

While Kratos in the new game has mellowed out considerably, or is at least keeping his darker impulses in check. Seeing Atreus going down a path his father did to try and change his fate, or>! (if Kratos dies like the mural said) !< to save his father, or prevent Ragnarok. It would be a nostalgic throwback for fans of the older games, although it would need to be seen how Cory and Santa Monica Studios handle going back to the creative well of the trio of Fates. They would have to make it not feel like they're retreading old ground. Though I have no doubt that the game designers, should they choose to include the Norns, will have bigger plans for them then just another boss fight. (Though they would make for an epic one. Imagine the fight with Clotho with modern production values.)

Urd: The Norn of the past, what has been. Usually portrayed as an old crone. Likely going to be some kind of creepy old lady, either a walking corpse or a woman so old her skin is falling off. A Sick old woman, so some kind of death god vibe here. As she represents age and decay.


Verdandi: The Norn Of The Present. In appearance the most 'normal' of the Norns, and is usually portrayed as a young maiden. I can't really think of a gimmick for a boss fight with her. Likely a Souped up extremely difficult version of the Valkyrie fights in GOW 2018.

Skuld: The Norn of the Future. Portrayed as a child, or a teenager. Potential for a creepy child character in the vein of Damien from the Omen. Kratos has done a lot of horrible things in his life, but directly harming a child is something he has always just barely avoided. (Though he killed plenty of children through collateral when he killed the Olympians). So what would he make of a god that is eternally a child?

Those are just my ideas for the Norns if they show up as boss fights in Ragnarok. Though who knows, if they'll even be antagonists or bosses? The story might subvert expectations and have Kratos and Atreus actually befriend or make allies the fates this time. It would show how Kratos has changed as a character if he was reluctant to fight and kill the fates again. Or alternatively if they are antagonists Atreus repeating his old mans mistakes on his own journey to being a god.


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