God of War

I went into Kara’s Chamber a boy, and came out a man

God of War 2 - I went into Kara's Chamber a boy, and came out a man

God of War is the first game I've played since Dark Souls 2 where there was even the semblance of challenge to it in terms of gameplay and quick-reflexes.

I fired up the new God of War eager to get back to my hack-n-slash ways of the old ones that I remember and started to brute force my way through the game. Blocking? Parrying? Dodging? Cute stuff but why do that when I can just swing for the fences on every encounter.

Gunnr came and I realized the game would take a bit more finesse in some spots. I learned her combos after a couple tries and was able to take her out without a ton of issue, though she was definitely the hardest fight at that point.

I carried on my hacking ways after that, forgetting what I'd learned in that vault by the time I hit level 4 and got my Blades back I felt indestructible. I ventured into the new found vault beneath Freya's home, ready for a decent fight but I was not prepared.

Kara's goons just got harder and harder as the fight went on. I tried to punish them against the ledge but it was left to chance mostly whether my knock-up's and knock-backs were going to land in the short windows I had to throw at them. Dozens of attempts went by. I would get her down to 1/4th of her last bar but she'd consistently sit back and throw stuff at me and let her minions do the work.

Finally, success. Thanks to the gods of YouTube I discovered the secrets to beating the bi*ch. A few more tries and I had it. Ripping those wings off has never felt so satisfying. I emerged from the vault and felt something change. No longer was I just a hackathon bot, swinging for the fences on every encounter. I felt far more powerful than when I went in. The next few fights were laughably easy as I dodged, parried and blocked everything without even thinking about it.

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My sights are set on the next winged demon, anxiously awaiting whatever that one has in store. Pls no more adds.

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