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I Wrote An Outline for a GOW Sequel (Final Part)

God of War 9 - I Wrote An Outline for a GOW Sequel (Final Part)

Part 1: https://www.reddit.com/r/GodofWar/comments/a294qs/i_wrote_an_outline_for_a_gow_sequel/

Part 2: https://www.reddit.com/r/GodofWar/comments/a2q98r/i_wrote_an_outline_for_a_gow_sequel_part_2/


Kratos wakes in the depths of Helheim, imprisoned far beyond the bridge of the damned. He is shown visions of Atreus’ fight against the Aesir. Atreus was very quickly subdued by Odin, while Heimdall returned with a poisoned Thor to Asgard and the young Jormungandr escaped. Having gained Kvasir’s knowledge Odin prepares to kill Atreus to prevent Ragnarok as Loki is the harbinger of the Aesir’s doom. Freya however pleads with Odin to spare him, relenting Odin instead makes chains from Kratos’ corpse and binds Atreus to a rock, creating a snake which drips acidic poison onto his forehead, as payback for Thor’s injury, causing Atreus immense agony. Enraged by the visions Kratos finally breaks free of his bonds channelling his spartan rage and fights his way out of the prison without any of his weapons.

The Ghost of Sparta

After escaping his prison Kratos travels Helheim and soon after runs into Brok who gifts him the Blades of Chaos saying he took them from the cave once the Aesir left but could not free Atreus. Brok tells Kratos he has tried to visit Atreus to help him heal when he can but Heimdall and Thor visit frequently to torture Atreus making this difficult. After Brok leaves Kratos continues to travel through Helheim plagued by visions and sounds of Atreus’ torture. He also hears and sees Heimdall’s torture of Atreus and Odin and Freya talking about a promise he made her. Odin tells her he has sent his son to see it through. Kratos soon finds himself hunted by Hel’s forces as they try to imprison him again and he kills the forces that pursue him as he traverses vast stretches of Helheim. He makes it to the hall of Hel: Eljudnir. He sneaks and fights his way through Eljudnir. When arriving close to the great hall he finds the goddess Hel awaiting someone. The god Hermod son of Odin soon arrives on Odin’s steed: Sleipnir. He tells her the All-Father has asked her to resurrect Baldur.


Hel agrees to Odin’s request, and invites Baldur into the hall. Baldur and Hermod embrace and Hermod tells Baldur all of Asgard awaits his return. Seeing his opportunity, Kratos decides to stop Baldur’s resurrection and enters the hall. Hermod tells Baldur and Hel to go prepare for the ceremony. Hel takes Sleipnir to sacrifice him for the ceremony and Baldur reluctantly joins her. Kratos battles and kills Hermod then follows Baldur and Hel’s tracks to a chamber where Hel is performing incantations. Kratos battles Baldur having only minutes before Hel finishes the ritual. Defeating Baldur, Hel attacks Kratos and he battles her killing her and relinquishing her control over Helheim, causing chaos as the dead begin to roam freely through Helheim escaping their confines. Kratos then sacrifices Sleipnir’s lifeforce to restore his own.

The Wrath of Asgard

Kratos has a vision of being taken to Midgard, just before the vision ends he sees Tyr. Kratos wakes in the ruins of his home, the blades of chaos in hand. He sets out for the cave to rescue Atreus. Things have changed noticeably in his absence, the land is still entrenched in snow, and sites that they previously visited show signs of age. He soon meets Brok, who gifts him the leviathan axe and tells him he won’t be able to free Atreus as the chains binding Atreus cannot be cut by anything. Brok tells Kratos that his best bet is casting the blades of chaos in the well of creation may give Kratos the ability to cut through the chains. Brok warns Kratos that he tried travelling there himself but Thor and Asgard’s forces have invaded Muspelheim in the hopes of killing Surtr and the fire giants now that they have revealed themselves. Kratos sets out for Tyr’s temple, finding that Yggdrasil is decaying, and travels to Muspelheim. Upon his arrival he finds it desolated, ruined by the might of Asgard. He travels across Muspelheim battling its creatures and Asgardian warriors that he comes across, as he travels there are no signs of the fire giants. After his first encounter with Asgard’s warriors Thor is alerted to Kratos’ presence and can be heard searching for Kratos as he travels, hoping to kill Kratos before Odin can learn of his resurrection to avoid the shame of his failure. Kratos arrives at the well of creation, a lake of lava on a mountain top, and Thor lands in front of him, his forces surrounding Kratos. Thor tells them to leave the two, and taunts Kratos with details of Atreus’ torture. Kratos attacks and the two battle fiercely. Kratos gets Thor on the defensive but Thor counters an attack from Kratos and strikes him with mjolnir. He then hurls the wounded Kratos into the well of creation. The well’s magic momentarily merges with Kratos’ abilities and Kratos emerges from the fire in an even greater form of spartan rage, with the blades of chaos having absorbed its magic. Renewed with energy he battles Thor and his forces, decimating them and defeating Thor. Thor is badly wounded and tells Kratos to end him, but Kratos refuses and tells Thor to tell Odin of his failure kicking Thor off the cliffside. He returns to the well where Brok appears. Brok helps Kratos bind the magic of the well permanently to the blades of chaos and Kratos returns to Midgard.

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The Rescue

Kratos travels to the cave. As he gets closer he begins to feel the earth shake more violently. Hel-walkers roam in great numbers in Midgard now after the death of Hel. Kratos makes it through traps, waves of enemies and finally stone ancients protecting the cave. Once inside he finds Mimir gagged being forced to watch Atreus’ torture. Atreus has grown considerably since Kratos saw him last, now looking like a 16 or 17 year old, his frame gaunt and his hair long and wild. His power has grown immensely as well as just his struggles against the chains cause the earthquakes. Kratos frees Atreus from the chains cradling his son in his arms. Atreus losses consciousness murmuring “father”. Freya arrives in the cave to see who broke the seal and is shocked to see Kratos returned. She quickly realizes what this means and begins to attack Kratos in fury for having prevented Baldur’s resurrection. She attacks with her full Valkyrie powers, sword, bow and Vanir magic putting Kratos on the defensive. She gains the upper hand in the fight and as she moves in for the kill Atreus blocks her attack. She hesitates for a moment at the sight of him and Atreus attacks her. Together Kratos and Atreus battle her, despite being in a weakened state Atreus is far more powerful than ever before. They defeat her as Atreus rips off her wings. As he prepares to kill her she apologizes to Atreus for all the pain she has caused him and whispers something in his ear, Atreus then stabs her in the heart, killing her.

The Fate of the Giants

Atreus, Kratos and Mimir depart from the cave. Atreus tells Kratos he knows where he has to go. They return to Tyr’s temple, and upon entering the realm travel room find Yggdrasil has decayed further, its branches weakening, and cracks appearing throughout its trunk. Atreus casts a spell on one its branches that he says will amplify the distortion in space-time around the tree. He then activates the bridge keeping it on Midgard. As the travel is completed he tells Kratos that this a journey he must make on his own. Kratos reluctantly agrees to stay in the temple. Atreus then makes his way through the realm between realms to the Ironwoods, as he arrives to the forest he finds it bustling with life and activity. Giants populate the woods Atreus visited years ago, and he makes his way through the forest in awe of his kin. As he approaches Angrboda’s final resting place he sees a giantess child whom he recognizes as his mother, Laufey. Atreus speak to her briefly, bringing him to tears, but his joy at seeing her turns to anger as he sees what the Aesir will take from his people. Calling him “Loki”, a young giantess introduces herself as Angrboda, saying she has been expecting him. Back in the temple Kratos waits for Atreus. Mimir tells Kratos of Atreus’ growth over the years of torture, saying that Atreus learned how to communicate telepathically, talking to Mimir during the years of captivity, and soon, talking to someone else. Kratos and Mimir discuss Atreus when Mimir suddenly tells Kratos Atreus has returned. Atreus enters setting the coordinates to Jotunheim and activates the bridge. Kratos asks him what he’s done, but Atreus remains silent, ascending the stairs to Jotunheim. Kratos follows as Atreus walks through the empty hall of the giants to the highest peak, he looks at the sky expectantly. The sun suddenly dims, plunging the world into darkness, the stars disappear from view moments after. The ground begins to shake and fire light emanates from the depths of Jotunheim dimly illuminating Kratos and Atreus. Figures move around them, and Kratos calls out for Atreus. The light grows brighter and Atreus turns to his father, and responds “Not Atreus, father- Loki.” A hand rises into the air grabbing onto the mountainside as Surtr rises behind Loki, sword in hand, his body illuminating Jotunheim. Loki turns to Surtr, raising his arm and Surtr lets out a roar holding his sword in the air as the camera pans back as in the distance shapes move, revealing themselves to be giants of ice, stone and fire who rise, roaring to the heavens. The giants are reborn, Loki’s army is assembled, and Ragnarok has come.

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I hope you guys have enjoyed the story as much as I did writing it. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to follow the entire thing. I'd love to hear any comments, criticisms, feedback, questions or theories of your own!

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