God of War

I Wrote An Outline for a GOW Sequel (Part 2)

God of War 2 - I Wrote An Outline for a GOW Sequel (Part 2)

Part 1: https://www.reddit.com/r/GodofWar/comments/a294qs/i_wrote_an_outline_for_a_gow_sequel/

A Friend in Need

Freya stays with the boat to ferry the humans to safety while Atreus and Kratos head back to the cove. When they arrive they find Brok unconscious and bloodied. Atreus wakes him up and Brok tells them Sindri has been taken though Brok does not remember who attacked them. Atreus and Kratos track the assailant close to the lake of the nine where they find Sindri bound, beaten and gagged. They approach him and start to release him as he awakes, they pull the gag off him and Sindri tearfully apologizes as a rune lights up on his chest causing an explosion sending Kratos and Atreus flying. A figure emerges who is revealed to be Heimdall. As he prepares to kill a stunned Atreus he suddenly grabs at the air forcing Brok to reveal himself. Heimdall nearly crushes his throat before Atreus enraged by Sindri’s death begins to attack Heimdall. Kratos and Atreus almost kill Heimdall before he summons Thor who arrives atop his dragon, plucking Kratos from the ground flying towards Tyr’s temple. Atreus gives chase as a falcon and Jormungandr emerges striking Thor’s dragon from the sky. Thor battles Jormungandr, Kratos and Atreus as Heimdall joins the fray as well. Atreus takes on Heimdall as Kratos battles Thor alongside Jormungandr. Thor strikes Kratos while he’s distracted by Atreus being in danger badly wounding Kratos. Atreus tries to come to his father’s aid but Thor sends mjolnir charged with electricity flying towards Atreus, Jormungandr however intervenes taking the brunt of the hit severely weakening him. Thor uses the opportunity to mercilessly beat Jormungandr while Heimdall moves in to kill both Atreus and Kratos. Freya arrives trapping Heimdall and takes Atreus and Kratos to the travel room, where she unlocks Vanaheim and sends them to it vowing to hold Heimdall and Thor off .

Land of the Gods

Kratos and Atreus arrive in Vanaheim, they are quickly found by Vanir forces and taken to the god Kvasir. Kvasir has Vanir healers tend to their wounds and discusses their actions, the current state of midgard and the coming of Ragnarok foreseeing that Atreus is inextricably linked to the end of the world which worries both Kratos and Mimir. He also warns them that they are beset by enemies within and without, Kratos takes this to mean Freya is not truly their ally. They ask Kvasir for his help however he tells them he is a merely a god of knowledge and cannot fight in their war, but tells them that the help they seek is in Muspelheim. Determined to avenge Sindri and become more capable Atreus insists Kvasir train him in the ways of Vanir magic and he and Kratos go through a series of trials to sharpen their skills. During this time Fjalar and Galar appear in Vanaheim to provide armaments and upgrades for the two. Afterwards they depart for Muspelheim, as Mimir reasons the help Kvasir referred to is the legendary giant Surtr.

Trial by Fire

Arriving in Muspelheim they traverse the landscape, after a certain distance Atreus begins to hear a voice which guides them through areas full of enemies until they arrive onto an arena. There the voice asks Atreus what he desires to which Atreus responds in Jotun “The death of the gods”. A series of fights start as Kratos and Atreus must battle Muspelheim’s champions. Afterwards the area under them erupts as the giant Surtr emerges from the ground. He then challenges them to see if they are worthy. The two battle Surtr and manage to subdue him earning his respect. Surtr then claims his sword and vows to help them in the war to come telling them he will assemble his army. He tells them to find the giantess Angrboda.

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The Fallen

Mimir is uncertain of Angrboda’s fate as she was one of the giants in Midgard so Kratos and Atreus return to Vanaheim where they talk to Kvasir once again, who informs them that Angrboda was killed in her home of the Ironwoods by Thor in Midgard many years ago. Mimir encourages them to look in the Ironwoods anyway as they may find something leading to any surviving giants. They travel back to Midgard and find the carcass of Jormungandr strewn around Tyr’s temple to the shock of both Atreus and Mimir as he supposedly was Thor’s final opponent come Ragnarok. Kratos and Atreus reunite with Brok, when asked what happened to Freya, Brok admits he does not know but reckons she was captured. Kratos not trusting Freya tells Atreus to focus on the task at hand, ignoring Atreus’ protests to help her. Atreus tells Brok to search for her if he can when Kratos leaves. They travel and fight their way to the Ironwoods where they find a gathering of Trolls defending Angrboda’s tomb. They kill all the trolls and find her tomb which contains a hidden message speaking of Loki and Yggdrasil.

New Intelligence

Unsure of what to make of this they return to Vanaheim hoping Kvasir can help. When they arrive they see his guards dead. Following the trail of dead they find Fjalar and Galar draining Kvasir’s blood into a vat. Atreus and Kratos attack them but they disappear into the realm between realms. They then unleash a series of mechanical beasts on them while jumping in and out of the realm between realms taunting Atreus and Kratos. After a certain point in the fight Fjalar stops reappearing. Atreus finally manages to grab Galar killing him. Enraged Fjalar reappears attacking Atreus but Kratos grabs him and slices off his leg. Atreus casts a spell on Fjalar trapping him and interrogates him, demanding to know why they killed Kvasir. Fjalar however refuses to answer mocking Atreus. Ravens start appearing around Atreus and Kratos crowing cacophonously, growing ever louder. A realm tear appears and Mimir panics telling them to flee as Odin appears from the realm tear. Kratos follows Mimir’s advice and leads Atreus to Tyr’s temple. Odin does not follow them initially, instead grabbing the vat from Fjalar and then murdering him which Atreus and Kratos hear as they flee. They set the coordinates for Midgard as the wall of the temple begins to dissolve and arrive before Odin enters the travel room.

Freeing the Witch

Upon arriving they leave Tyr's temple, with Odin seemingly no longer in pursuit. They are met by Brok who tells them he found Freya on an archipelago called Singasteinn. Kratos agrees to travel there realizing Kvasir’s warnings were about the dwarves. They make it through a series of traps before finding Heimdall with Freya bound before him on a skerry. Atreus and Kratos go to the skerry and battle Heimdall. During the battle Heimdall morphs into a giant sea serpent attacking them from the waters around the skerry. They defeat him and Heimdall escapes turning into a seal before Atreus can kill him. They free Freya as storm clouds start to appear. Freya tells them to follow her and begins leading them to a mountain. Freya asks them what happened once they reached Vanaheim and Atreus informs Freya of what transpired, the waking of Surtr and the death of Kvasir, which alarms her. The storm comes even closer as they reach a cave beneath a waterfall. Freya tells them they’ll be safe in the cave. Once inside she activates the rune on Atreus’ neck causing him to collapse in agony. Kratos tries to attack her but she binds him. She coldly tells Kratos she promised him this as lightning flashes outside and Thor enters the cave. Thor approaches the bound Kratos taking pleasure in his inability to fight back. He brutally beats Kratos with mjolnir. Atreus wipes the rune off his neck and hurls his knife at Thor which Freya stops. Thor easily subdues Atreus and beats him into submission before hurling him across the cave. Odin and Heimdall arrive in the cave as well as Thor charges mjolnir with electricity and delivers a final fatal blow to Kratos simultaneously breaking the bonds that hold him. Atreus cradles Kratos as he dies and throws back his head in an inhuman scream of rage and agony as his spartan rage mixes with the magical energy emanating from his body birthing Jormungandr who lunges at a stunned Thor biting into his throat. Atreus enters the fray as Kratos finally slips from consciousness and dies.

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I hope you've been enjoying the story so far. The final part will be posted within a day or two, link will be added here.

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