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IDEA: A new spin off

God of War 4 - IDEA: A new spin off

I"ve been thinking about the current situation and realized there's a problem: Many of the fans of the new GOW haven't play on the previous games or just played GOW3R, and even though they haven't lost any crutial part of the story of the new game, they do lack of the understanding of who kratos actually was as a person and the tragedies the causing him to be that broken of a man in the recent game.

In an in game prespective Atreus is stuck in the exact same position: He knows a little bit about his father's past but thats it, he has no context in regards to kratos's action nor his behavior.

I've thought of a way to introdoce both atreus and the newer fans to the lore behind kratos, yet having it as a new story with some unique mechanics that wont make board the old fans. It is a little bit played out but I think it is the best way of doing that….

The game starts out in the middle of the night in kratos's home. waking up to some disturbing noises kratos immidiatly call his axe out to the sight of an army of nightmares spawning at their front door. your now entering a battle sequens were you just can't win as there are too many nightmares that you just can't handle with(the nightmares just keep spawning rapidly) when you lose all of your health it seems that you(as a player) have the ability to use resurrection stone(if you dont use it the game just starts from the begining, untill you decide to use it), but during the ressurection process a nightmare suddenly jumps in and possesses kratos's body(the same way thay possessed enemies in the game), so when atreus is smashing that stone, insted of just reviving kratos, it opens a realm tear that swallows kratos. confused, atreus runs to take mimir's head and ask him what happend, and mimir explains: "I'm not sure lad, but I believe that when you have granted life to your father with that stone, you have granted life to the nightmare that possessed him as well. I think that this realm tear is physical manifestation of kratos's nightmares" "So what should we do?" atreus asks, mimir response "The best thing you can do with nightmares is just to wake up, why won't we try that?" and so atreus shove his hand to the realm tear with mimir on his belt and get sucked into the realm tear.

The first thing we can see is kratos watching from above the savage killing spree in Delphi that he had cause, screaming to himself to stop. he see's how the oracle had warned him not to get in to the temple and how he was foolishly played to kill his own family. Atreus ask mimir ** "What is he doing" ** mimir responed ** "There are many thing you don't know about your father's past, he hoped to spare you from ever knowing how big of a monster he is" "He WAS"** atreus clarified "Aye, but this monster apparently still hunts him" mimir answered. The background go dark as kratos is stare on his soacked-in-blood hands, and standing in the same pose as he was in after he killed his wife and daughter, only now he is in the norse design.

** " Dad, are you okey?" " Let me be, son, I deserve all of this"** kratos said "What? What do you mean?" atreus replied as the camera focus on him "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE" ** kratos shouts in the voise he had during all previous installments of the game, (Terrence C. Carson's voice) now the camera look back on kratos as he's back to his greek design. Atreus ask mimir "WHATS HAPPENING?!" in a frightened voice, and mimir respons: **"I guess the nightmare gets stronger as he dwell on his regrets. We must try fixing his misdeeds so he could wake up. But before we dive into your father's past, I must warn you of a few things:

  • A. Your father dont know us on this time, I doubt he will believe that you are his son from the future or that he would care about you here.

  • B. During our quest, you will see your father do thing, things that will make you doubt your father righteousness, moralety and humanety. You must remember that he was a different person back then, and the things he did are acsactly why those memories are his nightmare. DO NOT question him in regards to his actions nor their morality, as this will only causing him to dwell on his thoughts more and causing the process of awakening him even more complicated.

  • C. This may be the result of your father imagenation, but the dangers we will encounter are in fact very true. Do not take this light heartedly. **

And the jurney begins. from here on there are a few possibilities: 2 in regard to gameplay mechanics, and 2 in regard to story:


    1. Reusing the old assets from the old games with a graphic touch ups( remember the original game were from the PS2 era and probably won't look good at all on a new game on th PS4 system) and use the old Hack&Slash gameplay,only adding new atreus and leviathan axe mechanics and puzzles. It is a bit lazy but it's much easier for them to develop than the secound option.
  • 2.Try to reuse as much old assets from the old games as possible, but redesign them to fit them to the new gameplay introdused in GOW(2018). It will be much harder as they pretty much need to recreate all of the enemies and bosses's model and move to fit the current setup, but it will feel like a brand new game in appose to a "clip show" from all past games.



  • A. Going through the Key moments from all of the past games in chronological format.

  • B. Going through the Key moments from only the three main games, and when relevant flashback into pieces from the spin offs, yet mainly go through the base story

I would have prefered they would go on the 2A Route, but I added 1 and B options as a more time and budget saving options, as this is not a full blown sequel and they probably won't put that much resorces into it.

Throughout the story kratos learns to except atreus as his son, the fate that hunts him and the things that he had done, untill aventually when the time came and kratos defeat zeus, atreus drives kratos out of killing himself, and then modern day kratos appears kratos realize everything his son saw and fills with shame and remorse

** " Now you know who your father really is" ** kratos said " I've always knew" atreus respond "How could you tell that I'm a monster? Was it that obvious?" " A monster would have tried to save those ladies on that boat in the Aegean Sea? A monster would have felt remorse after athena sacrificed herself to it's blade? A monster would have tried preventing Pandora from sacrificing her self even though he knew that by that sacrifice he would achive the one goal he desire the most? NO! my mother woulden't have chosen A monster to marry to. she wouldn't have raised me with a monster, and I'm sure she woulden't have entrusted me with a monster after she past away. You're a good person that was led to believe that he is a monster. When you believe that you are a monster, you act like one and think like one but deep inside you're not. So stop dwell on your past and go forward!!" during all of the speech, kratos bows his head down untill in the end he releases a loud scream: "AWEEEEE"

suddenly the entire backround(the same place were kratos tried to kill himself) stats to warp and twist as it slowly gets darker and darker. they see a realm tear with light coming out of it, kratos shove his hand to the realm tear and thay leave the nightmare realm. The realm tear is morphing, but insted of dissipating it turns into a realy big nightmare who flies right to the hand of a lady that stands behind them, and absorbing the energy from that nightmare.

"I figured you'll be complicated, but I've coulden't imagine how big of a goldmine the nightmare of the gost of sparta will be" said the lady " who are you?! what do you want from us" asked kratos. the lady replied " I'm Njörun, the godess of dream, and I'm here to teach you a lesson, mind your own business"** " BUT WE DON'T KNOW YOU, what do you have with us?" asked kratos. Njörun answered: " Is the light of alfhaim rings a bell? It's the bane of my existence, taking all of MY power to shine. My devouted dark elves tries to help me in returns for my gift of prophetic dreams. However if they fail me they suffer my wrath. They almost won untill YOU showed up. Now you'll face the consequences!!" the battle begins. in this batlle she has some move of her own, sometimes she summon a greek monster or a nightmare to fight you. during the fight many of kratos's enemies appears and kratos handle them all and wound Njörun, confused that kratos could overcome her she summons "fear" kratos. and the battle continues after a long battle, kratos overcome "fear" kratos, yet he chooses not to land the final blow. fear kratos fade into smoke that serounds kratos. kratos remembers the speech of atreus and then scream once again so the smoke disappears. Wounded, Njörun is lay down on the ground asking "how could this be" kratos replied " you wished to release the beast, but you brought upon the birth of it's slayer" pointing to areus and then finishing her off. Atreus asked "Why? She was no longer a threat…", kratos said "as long as she is alive, the war wont stop. now theres a hope for peace" mimir mention " the war of the elves might be over, but a peace is way byond reach" refering to ragnarok.

About Njörun: there isn't much information in regards to her, the info I could find is that she is aesir, the godess of dreams and she lives Svartalfheim patroning both dwaves and dark elves.

so what are you thinking? would you like something like that?

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